Prolights RAZOR440 lights-up Festa Azzurra

01 September 2017
Festa Azzurra is A four day festival held in mid-August in the town of Fondi, south of Rome, which wanted to further enrich the program of summer events for the national holidays. During the event, the entire main city square, has turned into a massive stage combining arts and technology.
The show grows between lighting shows, dancing water fountains, videomapping and fireworks, employing over 40pcs or Razor 440, mounted on the roof of the city palace, creating impressive aerial effects and used as skytrack, delivering a remarkable emotional impact.
The sound for the festival was provided by using DAD Touring System, composed by 6pcs TOURING218H and 4pcs TOURING112H driven by 3 amplifiers FZ10004 and processed through a DPX2060.