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Prolights lights up the Golden Hours installation in Lyon

12 December 2017

From December 7th until December 10th takes place the GOLDEN HOURS installation on the Place des Jacobins in Lyon, an event of the "Fête des Lumières" in Lyon, France.
Designer Jacques Rival called in the help of Jean-Marc Jolivet for the lighting design.The installation of this monumental piece of art was done by FA MUSIQUE.
Equipment list:
  60 mt / LEDSTRIP612
On the genesis of the installation, Jean-Marc Jolivet explains his choices: "When Jacques Rival asked me to illuminate de "Fontaine des Jacobins" to give it an ancient watch look, I needed to find a source that could replicate de gold, silver and copper nuances. I didn't think I would find a satisfactory solution within the existing and nowadays much used RGBW sources. Therefore I considered going back to the application of filters combined with a modern and powerful light source. The STUDIOCOBPLUS  and DISPLAYCOB by the Italian manufacturer Prolights is just perfect for this, because the fixtures exist in both monochrome and tunable color temperature versions. Only 2 references of filters have been used in this installation, matching the high standards I had in mind. On a soundtrack by Jacques Rival , the dynamic program is set of every 15 minutes, bringing the installation to life. Life, fixed in time..."