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PROLIGHTS goes on tour in Poland!

03 July 2018

ATM Studios in Warsaw saw the introduction of Music & Lights’ PROLIGHTS products on 23/24 May 2018.
This 2 day ‘reveal’ of a mix of moving heads, strobes and many more up-and-coming fixtures, provided the opportunity for all guests to have a ‘hands on’ chance to experience the possibilities of a whole range of PROLIGHTS devices (the newest being - PANORAMAIPWBX, SUNBAR, SUNBLAST, STARKBAR1000, AIR5FAN, MOSAICO, and the classics - LUMA1500PANORAMAIPABARIA700PROFILESTARK1000PIXIEWASH, RUBY, ARENACOB4FC, ECL e ECLFRESNEL families) with over 100 devices available in all; and to operate them by themselves – several different consoles including HOG and MA were available to provide all guests with familiar control surfaces.

It was a great opportunity to not only show the newest PROLIGHTS products, but also their advantages, in meeting the dreams, expectations and requirements of professionals involved in the stage lighting industry from this part of Europe.

Staff of Show Design, Polish distributor of PROLIGHTS, together with Fabio Sorabella, M.D of M&L took great pleasure in speaking with the many specialists from event companies, theatres, TV Studios, film schools and stage lighting enthusiasts in general. We would like to thank them all for coming and ensuring thereby that we will definitely continue and repeat the Open Days formula in the future.

During the open day Fabio Sorabella (FS) and Show Design’s Marek Czarnik (MC) was asked a number of questions by Polish magazine ‘Muzyka I Technologia’ (MT):

MT- What is the target market for Music & Lights?
FS: We produce a wide range of products for a wide range of applications, from small to large, to suit different requirements for club gigs to stadium concerts.

MT: So is your goal just to produce products for inclusion on riders?
FS: The equipment rental market is a very important part of the live event industry and as such our products must be “rider friendly” as well as desirable, to ensure satisfied clients and the best ROI.

MT: How do you see the Polish market for your products?
FS: Show Design are a great distribution partner for us because they are very active in promoting our products and raising our profile in Poland. This year our products were amongst those featured on the Męskie Granie roadshow reflecting our increasing popularity also abroad.

MT: to Marek: How is your relationship with M&L?
MC: Our relationship is not just business or a corporate one, it is more like a family. As you see, we have the owner here and we can make decisions immediately, exchange input on creative aspects and client feedback can be implemented quickly to constantly improve the products.

MT : What happens to the feedback?
MC : We get our ideas from market research and input from designers, which we then pass on to M&L to turn into a product. This includes all the functions which are necessary and very often we get prototypes to evaluate and we then get fully immersed in writing programs for the products. Before the launch, we trial the new product on smaller events to confirm it will meet the expected performance. One of the best testing places is SOPOT and here (ATM Studios Warsaw). Here we collect a lot of feedback. Trialing before launching ensures the product will perform as planned reliably.

It should be pointed out that this was an open event for all comers and not held behind closed doors.

More coverage in Polish from our good friends at Muzyka I Technologia: