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RA3000 takes over at Polsat Super Hit Festival, Sopot

27 July 2018

The end of May sees one of Poland’s largest festivals rain down upon the picturesque town of Sopot in northern Poland. The Sopot Polsat Hit Festival, held on 25th – 27th May 2018 has seen incredible crowds of and a record breaking 10 million glued to their television sets to watch the likes of the Sopocki Hit Cabaret, Michał Bajora and Sylwia Grzeszczak perform. PROLIGHTS and the official distributor for Poland - Show Design, supplied world renowned lighting designer Artur Szyman with 12 pieces of RA3000. Artur was absolutely thrilled with the fixtures using them as counter lamps throughout the stage.

Szyman explains “I mounted the RA3000 in two lines at 17m on the basis of a counter-light for the 30-person orchestra, dancers or bands on stage. I was convinced by the strength of light that the RA3000 generated and for TV use – this is of great importance to me. The use of shutter blades on the RA3000 meant I could control the accidental halation in the camera – this feature was crucial for me and the RA3000 worked perfectly. The quality and power of the light turned out to be excellent meaning in smaller formations I only needed to use 6-10 fixtures! Having used the RA3000 for the whole project (10 days), from mixing colours, using the zoom or even the gobos – from start to finish, I can honestly say that it worked perfectly and they really lived up to their promise!”

Show Design’s Kuba Czarnik was thrilled to see these fixtures on such a distinguished Polish festival and highlighted the true power and versatility of these fixtures: "It is a demanding gig but there was never any question about the fixtures, they exceeded all promises and everyone was amazed with the output and results."

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