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Music & Lights proudly announces the Grand Opening of their new headquarters in Italy on 4th October 2018

08 September 2018

Save the dates are on their way. Thursday 4th October 2018 will mark a milestone event in the history of the company. At 16:30, doors of the new HQ in Minturno Italy will be opened welcoming guests including the likes of international industry faces, press and associations, technical and design professionals along with the M&L worldwide distributors network to celebrate this remarkable day.

The evening’s entertainment will include events such as the ribbon cutting ceremony, technical presentations, demo shows, product focus areas and a great deal more. There will also be performances during dinner (with various options) - all accompanied by a number of exclusive cocktail and wine bars throughout the event.

This event is not only a celebration but also a chance to hear (and see) what the ‘second act’ has in store for both Music & Lights and its brand portfolio: PROLIGHTS, TRIBE, DAD, ARCHWORK, PROTRUSS, GDE & ProAudio. The event will offer guests a chance to network on a global scale with others in the entertainment and production industry all whilst enjoying the treats that Southern Italy has to offer.

Managing Director Fabio Sorabella explains “I am so excited to share this moment with all of you. It’s been a busy 30 years getting to where we have today, this event marks a new chapter – or a second act – for us and we are really looking forward to sharing this with the world.”

The industry is developing technology at a fast pace. As a manufacturer we need to ensure that our partners are being heard. Full show integration has rocketed and we’ve been paying attention developing products offering 360° abilities allowing for a full show setup. With the likes of the ‘Save Stage Lighting’ campaign there are elements of this ‘technological revolution’ that the public and indeed we, at Music & Lights cannot fully control but we can promise that we will listen and develop ideas that meet the wishes of the people at the front line.

“The industry is growing up. We know that there is a time to be corporate and a time to let loose. The interesting thing is the combination of the two and gathering like-minded people who want to make a truly unique show – that’s what this event is about” says Jeroen Carette, International Sales and Marketing Manager.

With this being said, the Music & Lights family would cordially like to invite you to join us to celebrate this momentous occasion here, in Minturno Italy on Thursday 4th October 2018 starting at 16:30.

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We thoroughtly look forward to seeing you all there.
The Music & Lights team.