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Novastar & Prolights announce 'Seeing Is Believing' - 2018, October 25 @ Music & Lights HQ

16 October 2018

PROLIGHTS in collaboration with Novastar, present the event 'Seeing is believing'.
The event, included in the NovaStar World Tour 2018 and the M&L Academy program, will stop in Italy at the new Headquarters of Music & Lights on 25th October 2018 and will start at 10.00.

Register your participation in the event and training immediately, for "Novastar Normal Solution Training" a limited number of spaces available. Please check the registration procedures at the end of this press release.

The start of the event is scheduled for 10 am and the program includes:
10:00 – Welcome coffee for participants
10:30 – Novastar training "Novastar Normal Solution Training"
            (by reservation and limited number of participants)
13:30 – light lunch
15:00 – Novastar conference & product launch "Seeing Is believing"
16:30 – Prolights conference & product launch "Focus on OmegaPix LED screens"
17:30 – Hands on New Products and Demo Talking
18:30 – Dinner

In the course of the event from the participants will be picked some lucky people that will receive in prize the fantastic awards from the special lucky draw of this event. In addition, throughout the course of the program, the Prolights and Novastar teams will be available for questions and technical clarifications in the exhibition areas.

We warmly welcome you to experience:

Novastar training "Novastar Normal Solution Training"
Start 10.30 (Participation defendant on registration and limited number of attendees)
Darren, Novastar’s technical support engineer, in collaboration with Matteo Di Fusco, product specialist for PROLIGHTS Video solutions, will conduct an introductory training session explaining the functionality and applications of the Novastar solutions as well as how to operate them and how to choose the correct products for different businesses or projects.
Among the topics:
  • Basic features and Applications of NovaStar.
  • How to process a design for a new project. (Solution)
  • NovaStar solutions for common problems in the indurstry. (Including software and hardware settings)
  • Ample practice & question time. (including practice time on NovaStar products with LED cabinet, including software and hardware)
  • Total features of the receiving card, comparing the difference between Normal version and A version.
Novastar "Seeing is Believing"
Conference and absolute preview in Europe on new Novastar solutions. Among the products presented exclusively for the event:
  • Commercial Display Solutions: Taurus, new generation multiple media player --Player+PC+ Sending Card, eminently suitable for indoor and outdoor billboards, commercial displays, shopping malls, fixed installations, and pole screens。
  • Low latency solutions: MCTRL660pro+A8s/A10s, the whole system only has one frame delay. TV broadcasting, live event coverage, high-end concerts or others that have very high requirements for latency reduction - will be very useful.
  • HDR: MCTRL4K,a new technology in LED industry which can show more details and make picture more real..
  • All in one processors: VX6S,An update version of VX4S with 6 output,all in one processor, scaling by one button, large capacity.
  • High resolution Rental / Stage solutions: C1+N9, stage rental solution. A console and a video processor for rental business.
  • Pro UHD: Combines several amazing features into one product. A single unit gives you total control.
  • J6 is a high-performance multi-screen splicing processor featuring powerful image processing. Multiple video inputs can be overlapped and displayed on a display system composed of 4 screens after each input is scaled. J6 supports a wide range of inputs which can be spliced into a bigger picture.
Prolights "Focus on OmegaPix LED screens"
Fabio Sorabella, Managing Director of Music & Lights and Matteo Di Fusco, PROLIGHTS product specialist, will offer a complete presentation and demonstration on the latest PROLIGHTS LED Screen of the OmegaPIX range, conceived for the professional rental market. During the presentation, the exclusive advantages of the OmegaPIX LED display range will be illustrated, in terms of creativity in applications, mechanical features, on-board components and accessories available to offer a complete solution for any kind of event or project.
The presentation will also be an opportunity for the European launch and preview of a new product within the OmegaPIX family which will soon be available on the market.

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