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PROLIGHTS showcased at iconic German festivals

13 November 2018

June and July 2018 saw two of Europe’s largest open-air festivals grace the north of Germany. Fusion Festival, based in a former Russian military airport hosting an iconic music and arts festival and Melt! Festival, based just south of Berlin featuring the truly unique backdrop of an old lignite mine; played host to the over 20,000 music lovers to watch the likes of the Hundreds, Florence And The Machine, Fakear, Nina Kravitz and Fever Ray.

Melt! Festival developed its roots in the techno scene, but today welcomes people with varied tasted from techno right through to rap. Headliners, electro-pop siblings Eva and Philipp Milner - the Hundreds, stole the show with Eva’s deep, smoky voice accompanied by brother mirroring the effect through the piano.

The PROLIGHTS HALUPIX’s LED 7x7 matrix truly outperformed and provided tight light beams throughout the show. The singular pixel controllability of each LED provided another dimension to the performance. Even the basic effects offered in the HALUPIX amazed the design team with their accuracy and quality.

Lighting designer Stefan Ludwig explained how amazed he was with the RUBY and the HALUPIX fixtures and was “very satisfied to see how much of an impact these fixtures had on stage especially this event where they lit up the headliner Hundreds”

The PROLIGHTS RUBY, chosen for its compact and lightweight design simply outperformed all others in its class. The creative freedom offered by the RUBY, combined with the superb 132 Watt light output added a whole new dimension to the show. The clean and concentrated beam made the RUBY the perfect choice and thoroughly impressed designers with its ability to compete and outshine other much larger and more powerful beam lights.

In addition, the staggering 180,000 lumen output SUNBLAST featured throughout the show along with the versatile yet traditional STUDIOCOBPLUS, proving that the old can indeed be fused successfully with the new.

The Orange Light team provided the kit and truly put on a spectacular show for all that attended!


Photo credit: Orange Light, DE