PROLIGHTS live in Rimini

14 May 2019

Italy – PROLIGHTS were proudly on show on the ‘Live You Play’ stages during the MiR event. The PROLIGHTS arena attracted hordes of visitors keen to see the technology in action.

The LIVE event has become the annual professional showcase of leading technologies for live entertainment. The LIVE stages - ‘Live You Play’, gives visitors the chance to experience the lighting and technology installed on a real stage, with artists performing live.

The popular PROLIGHTS arena launched at the recent prolight+sound returned to feature in the ‘Live You Play’ stages at the Rimini Expo Centre. Over 400 luminaires were employed throughout the showcase with the PROLIGHTS team on-hand to answer any questions.

New fixtures on show during the show included:
RA2000 - Custom engineered moving profile/spot light with a proprietary LED engine, out-performing with sensational performances both in Touring and Broadcast application.
PANORAMAIPSPOT - A powerful 420W flexible IP rated moving LED Spot delivering stunning brightness levels, all in a compact housing.
PIXIEWASHXB - Reinventing the traditional wash light. Combining cutting-edge LED technology and the traditional single lens styling – delivering superior light quality without the multi-cell appearance.
OMEGA PIX - Professional Rental LED screens, both for indoor and outdoor, implementing the latest mechanical and electronics innovations and fully implementing the Novastar A8s receiver cards.

The PROLIGHTS stage was awash with visitors and demonstrates that the brand is on the right track to set next trends.