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ArchWork provide architectural solutions to Bijlmerpark theatre in Amsterdam

01 July 2019

Netherlands – PROLIGHTS own architectural brand ArchWork has been used by renowned Dutch company Lumen Solutions in their installation in the award-winning Bijlmerpark theatre in Amsterdam.

Lumen Solutions were approached to provide their technical expertise in designing and implementing a dynamic architectural installation for the theatre.

ArchWork fixtures were chosen due to their IP rated nature and proven durability in other installations throughout the Netherlands.

In total, one hundred and seventy-one ArchWork ARCSHINE6 fixtures were used as linear wall washers, each featuring six 8W RGBW LEDs engineered specifically for outdoor installations.

The ArchWork ARCSHINE6 luminaires were selected due to their slim design, outstanding brightness levels and pixel controllable features allowing the theatre to project a wide array of colours, textures and media with no need for other fixtures.

Local Distributors: DISTRIXS Creative Technology

Fixtures Used:
x171 – ArchWork ARCSHINE6