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Immagine Principale
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80
  • ARCDOT80 is a pixel string composed by 8 RGB/FullColor DOTs which can be pixel mapped for media applications in outdoor architectural projects. ARCDOT80 is can be assembled in large scale pixel matrix, useful for media facades supported by an IP65 protection rate. The electronic of the system allows a remote management of power supply and control protocol, resulting extremely reliable even for long lasting fixed applications

    Light source and optics

    • 9x SMD5050 RGB/FullColor LEDs per DOT
    • Pixel diameter: 80 mm
    • Dot per string: 8pcs
    • Beam angle: 112°
    • Field angle: 151°
    • Pixel pitch: 250 mm
    • Color synthesis: RGB color mixing (>16 million colors) for a limitless color range
    • LEDs average life span: >50'000 h

    Electronics and features

    • Function mode: ArtNet, static colours, dinamic colors
    • User interfaces: External power supply ARCDOTBOOSTER80 and external driver ARCDOTDRIVER80
    • Silent operations, due to natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans

    Structure and Power supply
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
    • Internal Protection: IP65
    • Holes for the fixing to on every surface
    • Working condition: -40/45°
    • Power unit: ARCDOTBOOSTER (external) 28VDC
    • Power/Data: cable with 4 conductors
    • Weight: 1,6 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 2082x98x26 mm
    LED Source 9x3,5W CREE RGBW LEDs
    Input voltage External 28 VDC
    Max Power  
    Optics 112°
    DMX control channels  
    Interface ArtNet
    Controllable sections  
    Mains connection Through ARCDOTBOOSTER80
    Data connection Through ARCDOTDRIVER80
    Protection IP67
    Operating temperature -40°C/+45°C
    Housing material Die-cast aluminium
    Housing color Gray
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 2082x98x26
    Weight 1,6 kg
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    ARCDOT80 (optional)
    *Driver control for ARCDOT80, 12W, 1,36Kg
    ARCDOT80 (optional)
    *Control unit and power supply for ARCDOT80, 260W, 1,1Kg


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