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Immagine Principale
  • ARCPAD is a touch-sensitive DMX interface with stand-alone operation conceived for easy control of lighting systems based on LED source or equipped with RGB colour mixing system.
    Its compact dimensions and modern design make ARCPAD a control device suitable for any building or architectural environment.
    The touch-sensitive surface grants simplified user-friendly operation, as simple as a domestic light-switch, enriched with special functions enabling control over master dimmer, selection of colours and execution of scenes.

    • Ideal for management and control of LED, RGB and DMX lighting equipment
    • 128 DMX channels
    • Control: 3 touch sensitive buttons for selection of scenes (1-8), colours, dimmer (0-100%)
    • Up to 24 static or dynamic scenes
    • 32-bit ARM processor
    • Touch-sensitive glass surface
    • Thin design for wall-mount installation
    • PC/MAC software for creation of scenes and storage into device memory (micro-USB incl.)
    • 5-12V power supply (AC/DC adapter incl.)
    • Connections: terminal board for Power (2-pin) and DMX (3-pin)
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 86x86x10 mm
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