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  • ArcWAVE12RGB is developed as an all-environment dynamic lighting fixture, combining high-quality stainless steel with custom an efficient optics.
    With its IP66 design, ArcWAVE12RGB is either suitable indoor or outdoor making it available to meet the requirements of the widest range of lighting projects.
    Used in combination and powered by ArcDRIVE controllers, ArcWAVE12RGB is an extremely flexible lighting tool.
    LED source 12x2W (4R, 4G, 4B)
    Lumen 833lm
    Peak Intensity 2465cd (30°)
    Input voltage DC 12V (600mA)
    Max Power 21,5W
    Optics 30° (15°, 55°)
    DMX control channels RGB, dimmer (0-100%)
    Interface DMX
    Controllable sections 1
    Mains connection arcDrive436
    Data connection arcDrive436
    Protection IP66
    Operating temperature -40°C/+45°C
    Housing material Stainless steel
    Housing color Silver
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 158x240x106 (mm)
    Weight 1,7Kg
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    ARCWAVE12RGB (optional)
    ARCQUBE9RGB (optional)
    ARCQUBE9 (optional)
    Power/control unit for architectural LED, 4 OUT, 3x12 LEDs (600mA)


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