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Immagine Principale
  • The Sapphire Touch is high performance, with more submasters, more flash and executor buttons, and the power to control the larger, more challenging shows.
    Program with two wide screen touch monitors offering a huge workspace area, expandable further still with Sapphire Touch and Sapphire Media Wings.
    Tricolour optical trackball indicates fixture colour or functionality with unique ‘Saturn Ring’ control, giving X,Y,Z axis control simultaneously.
    In order to update the console to version 12 of the Titan, it will be necessary to purchase and install a USB dongle called AVOKEY.
    Once you've received your AVOKEYINT and 1x5 way to USB-A Cable included in your kit, you will be required to connect the USB-A Cable to the motherboard. This cable will provide an additional USB port for the AvoKey.
    AVOKEYINT (red): 31-30-0021.
    Kit required: 8000-6102.
    Click here to view the Installation Guide: https://www.avolites.com/Portals/0/Downloads/Manuals/AvoKey/8000-6102 Sapphire AVOKEY upgrade with 1808-0028.pdf
    Sapphire Touch consoles (Serial 1001 and above) include a factory fitted AvoKey. Therefore, you do not need to purchase an AvoKey.

    45 motorised, automated master playbacks.
    Massive, vibrant 15.6" widescreen programming windows.
    Fast, live and hands on attribute controls.
    Unique Tricolour illuminated tracker ball with Z axis control to give fast control of distance related attributes - zoom, iris and focus.
    Built in UPS battery backup.
    8 physical DMX outputs, up to 16 over ArtNet or sACN - 8192 channels.
    Supports Titan Network Processors for DMX expansion up to 64 universes.
    Dual Ethernet port.
    Direct SMPTE in.
    Connectivity with Sapphire Touch Wing.
    Dedicated theatre cue stack control.
    Huge programming surface – capacity for 2 external touch screens.
    20 programmable macro buttons.
    Screen articulation.
    MIDI In Out and Through.
    Trigger Inputs.
    Compatible with Titan Remote.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 884x720x218 mm (console only); 1000x970x370 mm (console in flight case); 1010x1000x850 mm (console packed in Flight case).
    Weight: 46 kg (console only); 86.35 kg (console in flight case); 88.45 kg (console packed in Flight case).

    Accessory Code
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    *Avolites Sapphire Touch Wing
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    Flightcase for Avolites Sapphire Touch and Sapphire Media
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    Cover for Avolites Sapphire Touch and Sapphire Media
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    Lamp for Avolites Sapphire Touch and Sapphire Media
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    AVOARENA (optional)
    AVOTIGERTOUCH2 (optional)
    AVOQUARTZ (optional)
    AvoKey internal (red)


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    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
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