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  • The W-DMX™ BlackBox series is an industry bell-weather for Wireless DMX and RDM control, packed into a tough, roadworthy die-cast metal casing.
    Crammed with all our W-DMX™ technologies, the W-DMX™ BlackBox series is built for the true lighting professional.
    The W-DMX™  BlackBox G4 uses our patented Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology to automatically avoid interference created by other wireless networks, for example W-LAN, wireless intercoms, stage automation systems and more.
    Supporting both the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, these dual band units have full RDM support (transceiver models only), meaning even the most complex installations and the BlackBox units themselves can be configured wirelessly.
    All BlackBox units are backward compatible with W-DMX™ G3 units, protecting your investment in the W-DMX™ range.
    A slot for the optional Ethernet PCB allows W-DMX™  BlackBox units to be enabled with Streaming ACN, Art-Net and other Ethernet based lighting protocol support, allowing the W-DMX™  BlackBox to be integrated into larger, more complex installations.  The ability to convert both to and from these Ethernet protocols means that the system can be used with any protocol in, and any protocol out.
    Built in automatically switching power supplies mean that no matter where you are in the world, BlackBox units are ready to go.
    W-DMX™ units can be supplied directly by a battery thanks to the Phoenix Gold 12V input, and over a network through PoE (Power over Ethernet) with the optional network card.
    BlackBox units ship standard with a 2/4dBi dual band antenna, which provides up to an exceptional 800m of range.
    For links over greater distances, or for more complex projects needing one of Wireless Solution’s other antenna, the N-type antenna connector allows any compatible antenna to be screwed on, quickly and easily.
    The products come with a range of different mounting options, including truss and rack mount options.  This means that, whatever the location, the Blackbox units can be securely mounted.

    The W-DMX BlackBox FLEX-1 G4 Transceiver is perfect as a single universe, highly flexible solution for W-DMX support in our indoor range.
    The unit supports both transmit and receive modes of both DMX and RDM signals, and support for both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, giving access to more channels and hence greater reliability.
    With the optional Ethernet protocol support, the product can support any protocol in, be it Art-Net, sACN or ETC Net, and any protocol out, Ethernet or RS-485.

    • Single Universe Outdoor DMX/RDM Transmitter/Receiver
    • W-DMX G4 Protocol – backward compatible with G3
    • Tough Die-cast Metal Casing
    • Invisi-wire High-Fidelity Technology - Output matches Input
    • Datasafe Technology - Wireless Fidelity and Error correction
    • Less Than 5ms Latency
    • Complete DMX512 support
    • Full RDM support
    • One-button-to-go technology for ease of use
    • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio
    • 2.4GHz radio – license free worldwide
    • 5.8GHz dualband – provides access to ‘virgin’ spectrum
    • Expandable with Ethernet lighting protocol support
    • 12V Support
    • Interchangeable antennas – easily expand your range
    • Ships standard with 2dBi indoor antenna
    • Compatible with all W-DMX OEM products
    Accessory Code
    BLACKBOXF1G4MK2 (include)
    WDMX, Antenna Outdoor 3, OMNI, Dual Band, 3dBi. Black
    BLACKBOXF1G4MK2 (include)
    WSA40518G4 (optional)
    BOXT1 (include)
    WIRELESS SOLUTION, adapter N-male to N-female 90 deg
    BLACKBOXF1G4MK2 (optional)
    WIRELESS SOLUTION, ethernet card for BlackBoxG4, WhiteBoxG4 and ProBoxG4
    BLACKBOXF1G4MK2 (optional)
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    *WIRELESS SOLUTION, Quick Lock clamp for BlackBox MK2
    BLACKBOXF1G4MK2 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    MICROF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF2G5 (optional)
    WSPBF2500G5 (optional)
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    MICROR512G5 (optional)
    WI-FI co-existence tool incl. software


    Accomplish more with our product updates
    Make sure you always get your product updated to the most recent software/hardware versions to obtain the best result out of your fixture and your show.
    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
    Get in touch with our team for any questions or assistance.



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