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Immagine Principale
  • CROMOSPOT300 is a moving head SPOT based on a special LED optical system (patented) engineered to achieve high-performing brightness through a 3x10W CREE LED-array. Despite the very compact sizes, CROMOSPOT300 is  one of the most powerful luminaires in its range, becoming a valuable replace of traditional projectors equipped with discharge 300W lamp.
    CROMOSPOT300 features a wide range of functions and effects, composed by 7 dichroic colour filters, 2 gobo wheels, one rotating (7 gobos) and one static (8 gobos), 3-facet prism and electronic focus for limitless effect combinations.
    CROMOSPOT300 represents the last goal of LED technology applied to intelligent lighting device, allowing true advantages as minimized electric consumptions, light-weight, no-need of technical maintenance, fast moves, suitable operations.

    Light source and optics

    • Patented optical and lens path for superior output
    • 3 x 10W (3A) high-power white LED
    • Lumens: 1800 lm
    • Brightness: 7300 Lux @2mt
    • Projection angle: 16°
    • Focus: motorized focusing, from 2 m to infinity
    • LED average life span: >50'000 h


    • 0-100% linear dimmer
    • Independent shutter and fading effects with adjustable speed
    • Strobe: mechanical, 1-20 flash per second

    Colour system

    • Colour wheel with 7 dichroic filters + open (linear-stepless selection)
    • Rainbow effect with speed adjustment
    • Easy calibration and maintenance by magnetic repositioning


    • 1st Gobo wheel: 7 rotating and interchangeable Gobos
    • 2nd Gobo wheel: 8 metallic static Gobos
    • 56 possible overlapping gobos combinations
    • “Gobo-shake” effect and continuous rotation
    • Easy access to gobo wheel for replacement through slot-n-lock panel
    • Effect wheel with 3 facet prism rotating in both directions at different speed
    • Easy show: built-in programs with automatic/sound activated mode enabled by LCD control panel
    • Edit mode: creation and memorization of custom shows (up to 255 steps) directly from LCD user interface

    • User Interface: LCD display to control unit DMX addressing, general settings
    • 2 DMX available configurations: 11 channels (8 bit) and 14 channels (16 bit) for advance or basic control mode
    • Input and output signal through XLR 3p/5p connector
    • Unit reset: through control panel or via DMX
    • Electronic self-test and check-up for diagnostics
    • Cooling: forced air, protection against overheating

    Structure and moving body

    • High resistance and flame retardant polymer case in black colour
    • Motion Angle: Pan = 540° Tilt = 270°
    • Pan/Tilt resolution: 8-bit or 16-bit
    • Pan = 2,10° Pan Fine = 0,008° Tilt = 1,41° Tilt Fine = 0,006°
    • Automatic repositioning of effects in case of accidental movements
    • Suspension and fixing: any possible working position through omega kit (included)

    Power supply

    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Max power consumption: 120 W
    • Power connection: Locking IEC

    Weight and dimensions

    • Weight: 10 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 330x473x270 mm
    Accessory Code
    CROMOSPOT300 (optional)
    Flight case for 2pcs of CROMOSPOT300, dimensions: 965x760x423 mm
    CROMOSPOT300 (include)
    ARCLED8107HD (optional)
    ARCLED7307HD (include)
    ARCLED3404 (include)
    CROMOWASH601 (include)
    CROMOSPOT500 (include)
    CROMOSPOT400 (include)
    CROMOBEAM250 (include)
    CROMOSPOT250 (include)
    FY400S (optional)
    SPIDER (optional)
    FY400B (optional)
    EVO361PC (include)
    ARCLED338PIX (include)
    GENESIS (include)
    LUXOR (optional)
    CROMOWASH600 (optional)
    PRIME (optional)
    Z1200WASH (include)
    Z300BEAM (include)
    ARCLED7513VWZ (optional)
    EVO392FL (include)
    ARCLED7337VW (include)
    EVO190EFC (optional)
    ARCLED8107Q (include)
    *Steel security cable for hanging bodies - inox steel shackle - 60 cm L.


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