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  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • GALAXY103
  • DMX LED starball producing bright coloured rotating beams.
    • Light source: 3W high-efficiency RGB LED.
    • Long-life LEDs: >50.000 hours.
    • 3 operative modes: DMX (3-poles XLR connection), Sound active and Master/slave.
    • DMX mode: 3 channels for full control of dimmer/strobe, colors, rotation speed and direction.
    • Sound active from built-in programs creating wonderful and ever-changing light shows.
    • Master/slave mode: built-in synchronized shows.
    • Optional EC800 remote control for easy access to functions and built-in shows.
    • Full range dimmer and variable strobe effects.
    • 34 high-definition lenses for maximum light output with wide 138° beam angle.
    • More brilliant colors and more dynamic effects than lamp-based projectors.
    • Very low power consumption and heat output.
    • Compact and lightweight (no lamp transformers required).
    • Hanging bracket included.
    • Power supply: 230V~ 50Hz.
    • Body: high resistance polymer black case.
    • Measures (WxHxD): 210x210x178 mm.
    • Weight: 1.8 Kgs.
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