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Immagine Principale
  • HQ30X4
  • HQ30X4
  • 4-way X joint for HQ30 truss series.

    Lengthwise: extruded tubes, Ø 50x3 mm 6082 T6.
    Diagonal: extruded tubes, Ø 20x2 mm 6082 T6.
    Plate: conical Quicklock connectors.
    2 kit Fast Connection FCQ5 included.

    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    HQ30X4 (include)
    HQ40 (include)
    HQ30L3 (include)
    HQ30L2 (include)
    SQ40X6 (include)
    SQ40T5 (include)
    SQ40T4 (include)
    SQ40X4 (include)
    SQ40T3 (include)
    SQ40L3 (include)
    HQ30T3 (include)
    SQ30T4 (include)
    SQ30X4 (include)
    SQ30T3 (include)
    SQ30L3 (include)
    SQ30L2 (include)
    HQ30X6 (include)
    HQ30T5 (include)
    HQ30T4 (include)
    SQ40L2 (include)
    HQ40X6 (include)
    SQ40 (include)
    HQ30 (include)
    SQ30 (include)
    ST40 (include)
    SF40 (include)
    HQ40C (include)
    SQ40C (include)
    HQ30C (include)
    SQ30C (include)
    HQ40T5 (include)
    HQ40T4 (include)
    HQ40X4 (include)
    SQ30T5 (include)
    HQ40T3 (include)
    HQ40L3 (include)
    HQ40L2 (include)
    Quick connection, 4 spigots, 8 pins, 8 safety spring, SQ-HQ30/40


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