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Immagine Principale
  • LOGIX is a digital interface conceived by ArchWork to manage lighting system designed with the LED luminaire of "commercial lighting" range. The internal fixture-addressing function allows LOGIX to offer the possibility for an individual control of each projector opening new great potential as control of specific light areas, luminous levels full-control and automated balancing in real-time.
    LOGIX has been programmed to grant an easy-to-use concept, interaction between user and lighting spaces becomes through a sensitive touch panel for an immediate access to all functions. The local interfaces offer control up to 16 individual lighting fixture addresses and the possibility to integrate into larger system for access to hundreds of lighting fixture either in groups up to 16 individual addresses, or remote direct access even down to a single lighting fixture.
    This smart and plug-n-play interface ensures that lighting designers are able to transfer their full concepts to the on-site user, allowing the chance to create custom scenes.

    Technical specifications
    • Compact and slim design, designed for wall-mounted applications
    • Control up to 8 individual light areas
    • 8 position LED ring for easy access to menu
    • Luminaire key button to select the addressed areas
    • Intensity key button for brightness adjustment of selected luminaires
    • Memory key button for access to playback scenes or editing
    • ON/OFF key button to start and blackout the system
    • IR receiver for remote control using customized IR controller
    • When the device is turned ON it will start in the last used mode
    • Dimensions (LxH): 130x80 mm
    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


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