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Immagine Principale
    • 18Bit+
    Specify the grayscale of LED displays. Enabling 18 bit mode on NovaLCT-Mars could improve LED display grayscale by 4 times, and therefore avoid grayscale loss caused by brightness reduction and make images finer.

    • ClearView
    Display screen effects. Enable ClearView on NovaLCT-Mars to adjust the texture, size and contrast in different area based on human visual system to make image more realistic.

    • Calibration coefficient
    Calibration system generates a group of values for each LED lamp, including information about brightness and chroma. After display calibration, the calibration values of each lamp are just the calibration coefficient.

    • Smart module
    The smart module is composed of Flash and MCU. Flash could store calibration coefficients and lamp panel information. MCU could communicate with the receiving card to realize monitoring over temperature, voltage and wiring communication status, as well as LED error detection. The smart module could make monitoring unit smaller, requiring no independent monitoring card and saving cabinet space.

    • Mapping
    After the Mapping function is enabled on NovaLCT-Mars, the target cabinet will display the cabinet number and Ethernet port information, and the user could get the receiving card’s location and wiring route.

    • Error detection
    Perform status detection for each LED lamp. If the LED lamp fails, the user could notify in a timely manner upon monitoring system.

    • Supporting pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
    Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration on NovaLCT-Mars could remove color difference effectively, make the brightness and chroma of the whole screen highly consistent, and improve display effect.

    • Supporting image rotation (90°, 180°, 270° and 360°)
    Image rotation (90°, 180°, 270° and 360°) could be set on the NovaLCT-Mars (V4.9.0 and above).
    Make A8s work together with MCTRL R5 and then set the screen on SmartLCT to make display rotate at any angel, show different shapes, and present changeable images.
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