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Immagine Principale
  • NOVATR100
  • TR100, a new generation of receiving card with coaxial cables as the transmission media, features higher pixels drive capacity up to 384×384, and supports 1.0/2.3connector which ensures more reliable system connection and data transmission.Benefiting from the SerDes technology, TR100 has the lower latency feature.

    • Support 32-group of RGB data output per single card
    • Support 384×384 resolution per single card
    • Support configuration file reading back
    • Support smart module with the functions of storing and managing information like calibration coefficients, module information, module parameters etc. as well asflat cable detection and LED pixel-by-pixel error detection without monitoring card
    • Support module Flash management and allows for storage of calibration coefficients and module information
    • Support various hot backups such as hardware backup, dual card backup, dual power backup etc. and seamless switching
    • Support low latency feature
    • Support voltage and temperature detection
    • Support Clear view, 18bit + grey-level output
    • Support pixel-level calibration
    • Support pre-store picture setting for the receiving card
    • Support dual backup of display parameters
    • Able to apply module Flash calibration coefficients through one click
    • Support LCD Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
    • Support Mapping which will display the serial number and port number of the current cabinet
    • Support dual backup of calibration coefficients
    • Support backup and read back of the firmware program
    • With specific EMC design to effectively reduce electromagnetic radiation
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