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Immagine Principale
  • The VX6s is an all-in-one video controller that integrates sending card functions with video processing. Designed with powerful video processing capability, it supports 10 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs.

    Based on the powerful FPGA processing platform, the VX6s supports multiple transition effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, providing a flexible display controlling and outstanding video presentations.

    The VX6s is equipped with an Android daughterboard which can connect a USB drive to play the media files stored in it. By connecting a mouse and monitor, the USB playback can be intuitively monitored in real-time.

    2 x 3G-SDI: Supports input resolutions up to 1920x1080@60Hz and downward compatibility.
    2 x USB: Connects to a USB flash drive to play video or picture files stored in the drive or to a mouse.
    2 x DVI: VESA standard. Supports input resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz and downward compatibility. Supports HDCP. 
    1 x DVI LOOP: DVI loop output connector.
    2 x HDMI: Supports input resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz and downward compatibility. Supports HDCP.

    6 x Ethernet: 6 Ethernet outputs to LED screen.
    1 x DVI: A monitoring connector, which can be set to preview the editing image or monitor the PGM.

    1 x Ethernet: Connects to the PC for communication, or to the network. 
    1 x USB (type B): Connects to the PC for device control. Used as the input port for cascading devices.
    1 x USB (type A): Used as the output port for cascading devices.

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