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Immagine Principale
  • OPERA1200INSE: follow-spot using MSI 1200W discharge lamp, (cod. 800114PL included).

    Technical Specifications
    • Lamp On/Off: through control panel or via DMX.
    • Unit reset: restart from the control panel or by the DMX.
    • Optical System: high definition anti-reflection lenses with achromatic coating, parabolic glass reflector with spherical profile, 18° max beam angle.
    • Focus: 2 m to infinity motorised focusing lens.
    • Control: DMX 512 protocol through 3 poles XLR connection, 6 channels at 16 bit. Integrated controller equipped with 9 buttons and 4 cursors for an easy access to the main functions.
    • Mechanical dimmer: 0 – 100% linear dimming.
    • Strobe/Shutter: strobe effect (1-10 flashes per second) and fading effects with adjustable speed. Instant open and blackout.
    • Iris: motorised iris diaphragm with a 13° max angle.
    • 2 colour wheels: independent and overlapping wheels to create more colours. The former with  8 dichroic colours + open,  the latter with 3 temperature colour filters (3200 K - 5600 K - 6000 K) + open. Rainbow effect plus colour change with synchronized blackout option.
    • User Interface: 4-digit multi-function LED display to control unit addressing, diagnostics, lamp life.
    • Cooling: filtered forced air, protection against overheating. Fans control for quieter operation.
    • Body: in die-cast aluminium and steel, black colon, 4 ergonomic handles for an easy transportation.
    • Suspension and fixing: positioning through the adjustable bracket.
    • Power Supply: electromagnetic ballast, 230V~ 50Hz, connection cable without plug.
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 330x225x1170 mm.
    • Controller dimensions (WxHxD): 405x360x35 mm.

    • MSI 1200 W discharge lamp (not included): compatible with 800114.
    • Weight: 44 Kg.

    • MSI 575 W discharge lamp (not included): compatible with 800102.
    • Weight: 32,5 Kg.
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    OPERA1200INSE (include)
    *Flight-case for OPERA575/1200INSE and stand, with skate, (WxHxD) 1225x495x525mm
    OPERA1200INSE (optional)
    HTI 1200W/D7/60 95V discharge lamp, Sfc-10 connection


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