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Immagine Principale
  • Front view

    • 1 lighting module.
    • 1 measure module with: 1 fuse block disconnecting switch (3P+ N), digital multimeter with the following function: Line voltage, phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, total power factor, Hz, total hours and partial hours, 1 differential magneto-thermic switch (2 poles 16A 6kA/c idn 30mA) as general switch for services, 1 diff. magn. therm. switch (2 poles 10A 6kA) for the fans, 1 magn. therm. switch (2 poles 16 A 6kA) for 2x16A dual-purpose sockets.
    • 1 general disconnecting switch module with: 1 magn. therm. switch (4 poles 250A 20KA/c).
    • 1 safety module with: 1 luminous emergency switch.
    • 2 output modules with: 3x CEE 16A sockets (1P+N+G) protected by a pure diff. switch (63A idn 300mA) and by 3x magn. therm. switch (2 poles 16A 6kA).
    • 1 output module with: 3x CEE 32A sockets (1P+N+G) protected by a pure diff. switch (63A idn 300mA) and by 3x magn. therm. switch (2 poles 32A 6kA).
    • 1 input module with: 400A Power Lock input (3P+N+G).

    Rear view

    • 1 forced ventilation module with 3 fans.
    • 2 output panels with: 3x32A sockets (3P+N+G), 3 diff.magn. therm. switches (4 poles 32A 6kA/C idn 300mA).
    • 1 output panel with: 1x63A socket (3P+N+G), 1 diff. magn. therm. switch (4 poles 63A 10kA/C idn 300mA), 2x32A (3P+N+G) sockets and 2 diff. magn. therm. switches (4P 32A 6kA/c idn 300mA).

    The Power-box is provided along with a cable mount Power Lock sockets kit.

    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


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