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Immagine Principale
    Code Model In (pin) Thru (pin) Out (pin) Conn. Avail.
    SWIXSWTRWDMX3B box 3p 3p 4x 3p XLR WDMX
    SWIXSWTRWDMX5B box 5p 5p 4x 5p XLR WDMX
    SWIXSWTRCRMX3B box 3p 3p 4x 3p XLR CRMX
    SWIXSWTRCRMX5B box 5p 5p 4x 5p XLR CRMX
    SWIXSWTRWDMX3R rack 3p 3p 4x 3p XLR WDMX
    SWIXSWTRWDMX5R rack 5p 5p 4x 5p XLR WDMX
    SWIXSWTRCRMX3R rack 3p 3p 4x 3p XLR CRMX
    SWIXSWTRCRMX5R rack 5p 5p 4x 5p XLR CRMX

    The XSW combines CRMX wireless DMX technology with our entire line of DMX splitters. The XSW can operate as a DMX transmitter or as a DMX receiver at the press of a button. The DMX splitter functionality is always available regardless of whether the device is configured as a transmitter or receiver. If only the splitter function is used, the wireless part is switched off. The splitter offers one input port, a thru port and 4 individually optically isolated output ports. Multiple radio links can be operated at the same time, allowing a setup with multiple DMX Universes. Multiple receivers can be connected to a single transmitter. A variety of wireless configurations can be built up with the same XSW components.


    Wireless DMX transmitter
    Wireless DMX receiver
    DMX splitter
    DMX booster
    Full individual optical isolation per port
    DMX termination

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