CORNERS AND JOINTS/corners and joints

6-way X joint for HQ30 truss series
  • Lengthwise: extruded tubes, Ø 50x3 mm 6082 T6.
  • Diagonal: extruded tubes, Ø 20x2 mm 6082 T6.
  • Plate: conical Quicklock connectors.
  • 2 kit Fast Connection FCQ5 included.
Raccordo X 6vie compatibile truss HQ30
  • Tubi correnti: tubo estruso Ø 50x3 mm 6082 T6.
  • Diagonali: tubo estruso Ø 20x2 mm 6082 T6.
  • Terminali: Connessioni Quick-Lock coniche.
  • kit Fast Connection FCQ5 incluso.