INDOOR FIXTURES /indoor fixtures

Light bundle conceived to provide a quick and easy set-up:
4pcs LUMIPAR12UTRI projectors (each with 12x3W RGB/Fullcolor LEDs)
1pc Nylon gear bag with internal compartment and carrying handles
1pc IRC remote
4pc Standard VDE power cable, 1,7 m
3pcs DMX cable
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 340x280x360 mm
Kit composto da 4 parLED; offre un rapido setup ed un semplice utilizzo:
4pz proiettori LUMIPAR12UTRI (ciascuno con 12x3W LED RGB/Fullcolor)
1pz Borsa in nylon con tasche interne e maniglie per il trasporto
1pz Telecomando IRC
4pz Cavo di alimentazione VDE, 1,7 m
3pz Cavo DMX
  • Peso: 12 kg
  • Dimensioni (LxAxP): 340x280x360 mm