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  • ANTHZ500E
  • ANTHZ500E
  • ANTHZ500E
  • ANTHZ500E
  • ANTHZ500E
  • ANTHZ500E
  • HZ-500 is a professional hazer machine contained inside a sturdy flight-case to simplify carriage, handling and protect it from shocks or damages. hazer technology bases its operation on an air-compressor to generate a dry, continuous and cold (no-need pre-heating) fogging; allowing a longer hanging time through the oil liquid and improving visibility (incredibly tiny particulates). HZ-500 is definitely the best choice for those stage and light designers, the performance of haze-machines bring the best atmospheric effects to all events exalting lasers, beam and lighting special effects. The extraordinary low haze liquid consumption rate (15h/1L) and low power consumption make HZ-500 more energy-efficient and more environmental-friendly. HZ-500 is also ideal for all venues where silence is golden like theatres and broadcasting (below 70dB at 10 cm distance).


    Technical specifications
    Power: 230V
    Output: 3000 cu.ft/min
    Immediate fogging, no-need preheating
    Tank capacity: 2,5 litres
    Fluid consumption rate: 15 hr/litre
    Noise level: 40dB @5m
    Air pressure: 100 Psi
    Control: DMX, on-board control panel, timer mode
    Weight: 31,5 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 351x338x490 mm
    Liquid used: Antari HZL-1 Haze liquid

    Codice Prodotto
    Codice Accessorio
    ANTHZ500E (optional)
    ANTHZ350E (optional)
    ANTHZ100E (optional)
    Liquido per HAZE machine, oil-based, tanica 1L
    ANTHZ500E (optional)
    ANTHZ350E (optional)
    ANTHZ100E (optional)
    Liquido per HAZE machine, oil-based, tanica 5L


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    Certificates & Declarations

    Richiesta Certificazioni ANTHZ500E
    TUV Rheinland of North America

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