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  • DXZ48
  • DXZ48
  • DXZ48
  • The DXZ series processors combine an intuitive user interface with professional audio processing standards. Their economic convenience makes them ideal for rental companies and for various installation applications. All DXZ products feature 48 kHz sampling rate, a dynamic range of 110 dB (A) at inputs, 114 dB (A) at outputs and a maximum input level of + 23 dBu. The DXZ26 audio management system features 2 inputs and 6 outputs, while the DXZ48 system has 4 inputs and 8 outputs, each with 10 Parametric EQ bands per output and a frequency range up to 40 kHz. Parameter management is It takes place through an intuitive user interface with real-time monitoring on PC through a built-in Ethernet connection (DXZ48 - DXZ88), (while through USB connection for the DZX26 model). The analog input allows voltages up to 10V RMS (+ 23dBu) and provides a value at the top of the category. The outputs are capable of delivering a signal up to + 12dBu (3.084V RMS), which is enough to drive even the most demanding power amplifier. The DXZ88 Matrix Zone model provides the same DXZ series DSX functionality in a 8-in-8 master mixer with full processing on each channel.

    Matrix Processor
    4 input 8 output
    Full configuration and real-time monitoring via PC Ethernet interface

    • Type:
      Matrix processor
    • Input:
      4 way mono
    • Output:
      4 way stereo, 8 way mono
    • Max input level:
    • Frequency responce:
      10Hz - 40Khz +/-3dB (filter disabled)
    • Distorsion:
      <0.01%, (+10dBu, 20Hz to 20kHz)
    • Dinamic range in/out:
    • Digital processing:
      64 bit
    • Sampling rate:
      48 kHz
    • A/D - D/A Converter:
      24 bit
    • Gain OUT:
      +12dB to -48dB and mute, 0.25dB steps
    • Delay:
      output 2000ms
    • Crossover Filters:
      Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, all pass
    • Crossover Filters Slope:
      12,18 & 24dB/octave Bessel and Butterworth, 12 & 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley
    • EQ frequency:
      10Hz to 25kHz, 1/36 octave steps
    • Equalizer:
      10 parametric filters for output
    • EQ Gain:
      +12dB to -12dB, 0.25dB steps
    • EQ width:
      Q 25 to 0.2 - BW 4.75 to 0.06
    • Limiters:
      Adjustable threshold in 0,25dBu steps. Adjustable relase in 1 dB/s steps
    • Latency:
      640 microseconds
    • Memory/Presets:
    • Input signal:
      XLR in/out
    • Data:
      RJ-45 (ethernet interface)
    • Power connection:
    • Power voltage/frequency:
      80 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
    • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    • Rack unit:
    • Weight:
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