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Immagine Principale
  • GH500H
  • GH500H
  • GH500H
  • GH500H
  • GH500H
  • GHOST GH500H is a professional Hazer machine contained inside a sturdy flight-case to simplify carriage, handling and protect it from shocks or damages. Hazer technology bases its operation on a air-compressor to generate a dry (does not generate redundant moisture), continuous and cold (no-need pre-heating) fogging; allowing a longer hanging time through the oil liquid and improving visibility (incredibly tiny particulates).      
    GH500H is definitely the best choice for those stage and light designers, performance of Haze-machines bring the best atmospheric effects to all events exalting lasers, beam and lighting special effects.
    The extraordinary low haze liquid consumption rate (24h/1L) and low power consumption makes GH500H more energy-efficient and more environmental-friendly. GHOST hazers are also ideal for all venues where silence is golden like theatres and broadcasting (below 70dB at 10cm distance).

    Technical specification
    • Power : AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
    • Output : 3000 cu.ft / min
    • Tank Capacity : 2.5 liter
    • Fluid Consumption : 24 hr / liter (continuous)
    • Noise level: 40dB @5m
    • Immediate fogging, no-need preheating
    • Control : Blue LCD screen , Timer mode , Volume mode
    • Air pressure: 100 Psi
    • Weight : 31.5 Kg
    • DMX : On board
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 351x338x490mm
    • Liquid Used : Oil-based Haze fluid
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    GH500H (optional)
    *HAZE machine fluid, oil-based, 1L tank
    GH500H (optional)
    ANTHZ500E (optional)
    ANTHZ350E (optional)
    ANTHZ100E (optional)
    HAZE machine fluid, oil-based, 1L tank


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