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Immagine Principale
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • HDA500
  • Hi-performance compact module for line-array systems, bi-amplifiable, 3-way 500W AES, 134dB SPL
    • 8'' Nd woofer, long-excursion, 2'' voice coil
    • 8'' Nd mid-woofer, 2'' voice coil
    • 2 Nd HF compression drivers with 1'' throat, titanium diaphragm, 3'' voice coil
    • 100°x7.5° (HxV) constant-directivity waveguide
    • Impedance: LF-MF 8Ohm, HF 16Ohm
    • Recommended amplifier: LF-MF up to 1000W RMS/8Ohm, HF up to 200W RMS/16Ohm
    • Sensitivity (@1W/1m): LF 98dB, HF 108dB
    • Frequency response: 65-16000Hz (±3dB)
    • Crossover frequency: 300/1800Hz
    • External HPF recommended range: 80Hz to 100Hz
    • Passive filter with HF driver protection
    • EQ switch to select optimal setup of each module for short, medium and long-throw applications
    Cabinet construction:
    • Trapezoidal profile with 7,5° enclosure angle
    • 15mm multilayer birch plywood, hi-resistance scratch-proof finishing, black painting
    • 8'' Nd woofers installed in separate chambers
    • Nd HF drivers loaded by waveguides designed for curvilinear line-array systems
    • Built-in hardware for suspension, 1° steps for angle adjustment, safety-pins in steel
    • 7:1 safety factor for mechanics
    • Neutrik NL-4 Speakon in/out
    • High directivity & efficiency PA system for indoor/outdoor events in large venues
    • Sound reinforcement in live applications, theaters and permanent installations
    • Combined with DAD MA18SP subwoofers to extend performance in the low range
    • Software for correct setup and aiming of HDA modules
    Technical Data HDA500
    System type Ultra-compact module, bi-amp., 3-way
    AES Power LF - MF 400W,HF 100W
    Program Power LF - MF 800W, HF 200W
    Recommended amp (RMS) LF - MF up to 800W 8Ohm, HF up to 200W 16Ohm
    Horizontal Coverage angle 100° (500–16000Hz)
    Vertical Coverage angle Variable (depending on system configuration)
    Frequency response 65–16000Hz (±3 dB)
    Frequency range 55–18000Hz (-10 dB)
    Max SPL-Cont./Peak 128/134dB (Free Field)
      Transducers Section
    Low Section 8” long-excursion Nd woofer / 2” coil
    Mid Section 8” Nd mid-woofer / 2” coil
    LF - MF Loading bass reflex
    LF-MF Impedance 8Ohm
    LF -MF Bandpass Sensitivity 98dB @1W/1m (Free Field)
    High Section 2x1” Nd drivers / 1.7” coil
    HF Loading Horn
    HF Impedance 16Ohm
    HF Bandpass Sensitivity 108dB  @1W/1m (Free Field)
    Trapezoidal taper 7,5°
    Suspension System Proprietary built-in steel suspension system
    Grille Black steel grille, foam backed
    Input Connectors Neutrik NL4 Speakon in/out
    Measures (WxHxD) 645x400x262 mm
    Weight 24 Kg
    Accessory Code
    HDA500 (optional)
    *Compact flying-bar for HDA500 Line-Array system
    HDA500 (optional)
    *Suspension/expansion bar, compatible with HDA800/HDA500 systems
    HDA500 (optional)
    *Kit for ground-stack installation, compatible with HDA803FB/HDA503FB bars
    HDA500 (optional)
    *Flight case for HDA500, with 2 breaking and 2 swivel wheels, for 2 modules
    HDA500 (optional)
    *Flight case for HDA500, with 2 breaking and 2 swivel wheels, for 4 modules
    HDA500 (include)
    End of life
    Quick lock pin for line array systems, in zinc-plated steel


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