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  • HZ660D
  • HZ660D
  • HZ660D
  • HZ660D
  • HZ660D is the latest technological innovation in the Haze machines range. Its performance makes this professional tool suitable for all kind of application and lighting project, bringing the best atmospheric effect to all events.
    • HZ660D is contained inside a sturdy flight-case to simplify carriage, handling and protect it from shocks or damages
    • Functioning with oil-based Haze fluids allowing very low  consumption of liquid (5.88 ml/min)
    • Haze output: 3'500 cu.ft/min
    • Silent operation allows also indoor or theatre applications
    • Plug and play technology for an instant functioning without pre-heating waiting time
    • Dry haze: HZ660D produces very dry haze which generates no redundant moisture
    • HZ660D makes incredibly tiny particulates. Thus, the haze can be distributed through air further and faster. In addition, it means a greater hanging time
    • Full control of direction and fog jet through the controllable fans
    • Metal net and filter in the liquid duct against clogging failures
    • On-board user interface with LCD display for settings and selection of operating modes
    • Manual and Auto mode functioning with direction, volume and interval regulation
    • 2 Channels DMX mode with volume and fan speed control
    • Anti-closure security system, the fixtures stops working if the output door gets obstructed
    • Oil tank capacity: 3,2lt
    • Power supply: AC 220-240V 50/60 Hz
    • DMX connection: XLR-3p IN, XLR-3p OUT
    • Power consumption: 500W
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 380x340x500mm
    • Weight: 33,2kg
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    HZ660D (optional)
    *High density Oil-fluid for Haze machines, 1L tank


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