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  • NOVAC1
  • The C1 is a hardware console of NovaStar specifically designed for N9 video processing products and mainly used for live stage control.
    The C1 is designed with 2 LCD screens. One is used to monitor input sources. The other, together with buttons on the panel, is used to configure the layer size, layer position, input source, output resolution, layer border and input cropping.
    The C1 is also designed with a joystick and T-Bar. The joystick is used to precisely adjust the layer size and position. The T-Bar supports 1024 levels of layer transparency adjustment, finely controlling the transition effects of presets.
    Thanks to the cool LED buttons, highly sensitive joystick and T-Bar, plus the 2 LCD screens, the C1 is extremely easy to operate, making live stage control most convenient.

    ON/OFF: Power switch
    AC 100-240 V–50/60 Hz: AC power input
    ETHERNET: An Ethernet port connecting to a device to be controlled by the C1
    USB: A type-B USB port connecting to an upper computer to update the C1 program
    U-DISK: A type-A USB port connecting to a USB drive to upgrade the C1 program and import the OSD files
    MONITOR IN: An HDMI-type monitoring connector that connects to the monitoring connector of the device controlled by the C1
    Monitor LOOP: An HDMI-type monitoring loop output connector that connects to the monitoring connector of the device controlled by the C1. The C1 receives the input signal from the device and send the signal to another monitor.
    RS232: An RS232 port that connects to the upper computer for software control
    RESET: A pinhole reset button used to restart the C1

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