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Immagine Principale
  • PBC63614
  • PBC63614
  • Power distribution box, 63A 5p input plug


    IP 54 shock resistant, robust and mobile insulated thermoplastic box with stackable shape
    IP 55 hinged windows to protect switches and instruments
    Box dimensions (WxHxD): 60x40x54 cm
    63A-5p (3P+N+E) panel mount CEE plug, 400V 50/60Hz IP67, 1pc (code 913315)
    32A-5p (3P+N+E) panel mount CEE socket with slim flange, 400V 50/60Hz IP44, 1pc (code 912425)
    16A-3p (1P+N+E) panel mount CEE socket, 230V 50/60Hz IP44, 6pcs (code 911413)
    Panel mount multipin sockets 19P IP67 Socapex, 4pcs (code 916141)
    4P magneto-thermic switch, 4 modules, 63A curve C 6kA, 1pc (code 923121)
    Residual current circuit breaker overcurrent protection, 4P, 4 mod, 40A tipe A, 30mA, 5pcs cod.(923322)
    Residual current circuit breaker w  overcurrent protection, 4P, 4 mod,32A, curve C 6kA tipe A,30mA, 1pc
    Magneto-thermic switch 1P+N, 1 module, 16A curve C 6kA, 30pcs (code 921111)
    4P fuser block, 4 modules, 1pc (code 927114)
    Digital multimeter, 3 voltmeters (35-480), 3 ammeters (5-8000A), timer, 4 modules, 1pcs (code 927531)

    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


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