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Immagine Principale
  • RKL60
  • RKL60
  • RKL60
  • RKL60
  • RKL60
  • RKL60
    Code Unit/cm Locks Handles Avail.
    RKL6002 2/8.9 4 2
    RKL6004 4/17.8 4 2
    RKL6006 6/26.7 4 2
    RKL6008 8/35.6 4 2
    RKL6010 10/44.6 4 2
    RKL6012 12/53.5 4 2

    19” standard rack with double opening

    Engineered in plywood, 6 mm thickness 
    Laminated plastic covering, black inner painted
    Aluminium draw pieces, butterfly lockers, steel handles
    Rack bars on front and rear side with mounting kit included (code ACBR3870KIT)
    Mounting depth: 460 mm

    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    RKL60 (optional)
    RKL63 (optional)
    Plywood Skate for RKL60/63, 4 rotating wheels of which 2 with brakes


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