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Immagine Principale
  • SLASH is a 189W moving Beam light which allows an extreme brightness, achievable only with 8 times higher wattage fixtures. The new generation optic design combined with the high-efficiency 5R Platinum lamp source produce a laser-like 0° parallel beam, performing an incredible output of 130'000 lux at 10mt. The effect range offers a great creativity with 14 colours, 12 rotating gobos, 4° zoom lens, 8 facet rotating prism, focus, frost and shutter to reproduce spectacular mid-air effects. The compact sizes (H. 50cm) and its light-weight profile (12,5Kg) make SLASH a suitable fixture to be installed everywhere for Live, TV studio, theatre, showroom and conference event.

    • Philips MSD Platinum 5R 189W (cod. 800198 included)
    • Colour temperature: 8000 K
    • Luminous flux: 7.950 lm
    • Average life span: 2000 h

    • High efficiency Fresnel special optics featuring 0° parallel beam  
    • Laser-like parallel Beam
    • Frost filter to obtain soft-board
    • Zoom lens for passage between 0° and 4°
    • Focus: motorized focusing, from 2 m to infinity

    Dimmer / shutter / strobe
    • 0-100% linear dimmer
    • Independent shutter and fading effects with adjustable speed
    • Strobe: mechanical, 8 flash per second

    Colour system
    • Colour wheel with 14 dichroic filters + open (linear-step-less selection)
    • 3200K + 5600K colour temperature filters
    • Bidirectional rainbow effect

    • Gobos group composed by 12 interchangeable gobos
    • Gobos rotation in both CW and CCW direction
    • Gobo change with synchronized blackout
    • Easy access to gobo wheels for replacement
    • 8 facet prism effect, rotating, indexable, replaceable

    • LCD display for a simplified access to control menu, configuration and DMX addressing
    • 2 DMX available configurations: 12/14 channels for full flexibility and control
    • Integrated 2,4GHz WDMX receiver (Wireless solution) 
    • Input and output signal through XLR 3p and 5p connectors
    • "ENERGY SAVE” mode: 50% reduction of power consumption during blackout status
    • Remote ON/OFF lamp control by DMX
    • Remote unit reset by DMX
    • Electronic self-test and check-up for diagnostics
    • Lamp life timer
    • Thermal sensor monitoring optimum lamp temperature
    • Cooling: filtered forced ventilation with variable speed low-noise fans

    Structure and moving body
    • Aluminium structure with polycarbonate cover, black colour
    • Ergonomic side handles for transportation
    • Motion Angle: Pan = 540°  Tilt = 270°
    Pan/Tilt resolution: 8-bit or 16-bit Pan = 2,10°   Pan Fine = 0,008° Tilt = 1,05°   Tilt Fine = 0,004°
    • Feedback automatic repositioning
    • Suspension and fixing: any possible working position through omega kit (included) with “quick lock” system

    Power supply
    • Electronic ballast: 100-240V 50/60Hz universal power supply
    • Power consumption: 315W at 230V/50Hz

    Weight and dimensions
    • Weight: 12,5 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 310x553x310 mm
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    SLASH (include)
    *189W 207V, discharge lamp (MSD Platinum 5R), socket with Pins 2.8x0.8mm
    SLASH (optional)
    *Flight-case for 2pcs of Slash, dimensions: 760x500x800mm
    SLASH (include)
    ARCLED8107HD (optional)
    ARCLED7307HD (include)
    ARCLED3404 (include)
    CROMOWASH601 (include)
    CROMOSPOT500 (include)
    CROMOSPOT400 (include)
    CROMOSPOT300 (include)
    CROMOBEAM250 (include)
    CROMOSPOT250 (include)
    FY400S (optional)
    SPIDER (optional)
    FY400B (optional)
    EVO361PC (include)
    ARCLED338PIX (include)
    GENESIS (include)
    LUXOR (optional)
    CROMOWASH600 (optional)
    PRIME (optional)
    Z1200WASH (include)
    Z300BEAM (include)
    ARCLED7513VWZ (optional)
    EVO392FL (include)
    ARCLED7337VW (include)
    EVO190EFC (optional)
    ARCLED8107Q (include)
    Steel security cable for hanging bodies - inox steel shackle - 60 cm L.
    SLASH (optional)
    WR24A (optional)
    WR24ANG5 (optional)
    ONYX (optional)
    DIAMOND7 (optional)
    AIR18Z (optional)
    MOONSTONE (optional)
    CRYSTAL (optional)
    LUMA700 (include)
    LUMA1500SH (include)
    DIAMOND37 (include)
    DIAMOND19 (include)
    LUMA1500SP (include)
    DIAMOND19TW (include)
    DIAMOND19CC (optional)
    CROMOWASH601 (optional)
    AIR6PIX (optional)
    STARK400 (include)
    STARK1000CC (optional)
    STARK1000 (include)
    LUXOR (optional)
    RUBY (optional)
    RAZOR440 (include)
    JADE (include)
    AIR5FAN (optional)
    WDMX, antenna 2.4Ghz 2dBi omnidirectional, folding, SMA-male, indoor


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