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  • SWIXMT120A
  • SWIXMT120A
  • The XMT-120A is the new generation of powerful DMX512 measurement and test equipment for architecture, entertainment, film and TV lighting and installations using DMX512. The versatile functions of the XMT-120A simplify the debugging of lighting and installations, or any application where DMX is used to control lighting. The unit can monitor DMX512 signals as well as analyze and display them. The device can also generate DMX512 signal and supports the control of more complex DMX512 fixtures such as moving lights. The testing of RGB LED lighting with many channels is easy to do with the XMT-120A. With additional features such as cable tester, timing analysis, sequence editor, channel "tracer", dip-switch display, flicker finder, and Min / Max display this device is ideal for troubleshooting and resolving DMX512 signal challenges and yet remains very simple to operate. The XMT-120A can be connected via USB to a PC. The Windows software allows for managing the fixture library for intelligent devices and uploading firmware updates.


    Receive/Send DMX
    Analyse/Measure DMX Data
    DMX/XLR Cable tester with error analysis
    Edit, playback and store complete scenes and create a complete sequence
    Use as riggers remote
    Battery operation and connectorm for external power supply
    Large graphic LCD display with backlight
    Intelligent channel search function
    3 overviews of DMX levels and activity. Single channel view, grid (60ch overview) and graphical (512ch overview) overview
    Fixtures library can store up to 32 profiles
    View DMX values in percent, decimal and hexadecimals
    Shows binary address information on per channel basis
    Shows minimum maximum value on per channel basis

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