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Immagine Principale
  • BATSTRIP160 is a linear LED projector designed for use completely wireless through the internal lithium battery pack and the infrared controller for remote control. The battery provides up to 7 continuous hours using and its design appears to be ideal for applications in clubs, trade show, corporate events, event furniture.

    Light source and optics
    • 160 LED (10 mm / 0,06 W) RGBA (40 red, 40 green, 40 blue, 40 amber)
    • Beam angle: 16°
    • Field angle: 48°
    • Color synthesis: mixing RGBA (> 16 million colors)
    • LEDs average life span:> 50,000 hours

    Electronics and features
    • 100% working wireless with lithium battery and IR control
    • Lithium battery is long-lived, rechargeable, lightweight
    • Electronic protection for battery management allows you to extend the life and increase the recharge cycles
    • Battery life: 7 hours
    • Charging time: 5 hours
    • 4 independent control section (4 pix)
    • Control Panel with LED display (4-digits)
    • Several DMX configurations (2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 18 channels) for professional or simplified control
    2 channels: Auto, Auto speed
    4 channels: RGBA
    5 channels: Dimmer, RGBA
    8 channels: Dimmer, RGBA, cars, speed, strobe
    10-channel: Dimmer, RGBA (2pix), strobe
    18 channels, dimmer, RGBA (4pix), strobe
    • Mode IR: Built-in infrared receiver for remote controller 
    • Auto mode: 17 preset programs with automatic speed adjustment
    • Mode static colors: color reproduction static
    • Master / Slave: For the control of several units linked in a chain
    • Linear passage "stepless" DMX values
    • Frequency diode anti-flicker (400Hz) for video recordings

    Structure and power supply
    • Cast aluminum body, degree of protection: IP20
    • LED bar with low profile, only 65 mm thick
    • Projector fanless and structure designed for heat dissipation by natural convection
    • Double-bracket for mounting suspension or placement from the ground
    • Power supply :100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Average consumption: 15,3 W (output up to 46 projectors)
    • Weight: 3 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 569x73x159 mm
    Accessory Code
    BATSTRIP160 (include)
    PIXBELT (optional)
    BATPAR180 (include)
    RGB IR remote controller, manual/auto modes, for LUMI IR series
    BATSTRIP160 (optional)
    DATAMASTER (optional)
    SMARTBOOK (optional)
    ARTNETNODE (optional)
    WIFIBOX (optional)
    LUMI4COB (optional)
    PINSPOTD (optional)
    SUNRISE2 (optional)
    SUNRISE4 (optional)
    HALUSTRIP (optional)
    PIXROLL12TRI (optional)
    PIXBAR3E (optional)
    UVSTRIP18 (optional)
    UVPANEL18 (optional)
    SUNBAR2000FC (optional)
    LUMIPIX15IP (optional)
    SUNRISE2L (optional)
    WDBOX (optional)
    LUMIPAR7QTOUR (optional)
    6BEAMQ (optional)
    JETBEAM2 (optional)
    ACCENT1Q (optional)
    SUNBAR2500MAX (optional)
    POLAR500 (optional)
    POLAR1000 (optional)
    HALUPIX (optional)
    SMARTTORCH (optional)
    LUMIPIX6TRI (optional)
    SMARTDISK (optional)
    JETSPOT4Z (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3BAT (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3T (optional)
    BATPAR180 (optional)
    PIXIEWASH (optional)
    PIXPAN16 (optional)
    PIXIEZOOM (optional)
    PIXIEWASHXB (optional)
    Z8STRIP (optional)
    Z7SPOT (optional)
    CHROMAPIX (optional)
    HALUROCK (optional)
    PIXIEZOOMXB (optional)
    PIXIESPOT (optional)
    MINIVERSAPAR (optional)
    MOBIBLAST (optional)
    RA2000PROFILE (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBDY (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBWW (optional)
    ARCPOINT1 (optional)
    LUMIPAR7HPRO (optional)
    VERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLJR (optional)
    JETSPOT1 (optional)
    JETBEAM1 (optional)
    RA2000PROFILEHB (optional)
    LION (optional)
    FLATPAR3H (optional)
    FLATPAR6H (optional)
    FLATPAR3Q (optional)
    ECLJRG2 (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBFC (optional)
    ECLFRESNELPT (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQPRO (optional)
    ARIA700SPOT (optional)
    ECLFRESNELT (optional)
    MINIECLFRFC (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QTOUR (optional)
    ARIA700PROFILE (optional)
    ECLFR2KPT (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSUV (optional)
    ARCSHINE6 (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJ (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJT (optional)
    MINIECLFR (optional)
    ECLFRJP (optional)
    ECLFR2K (optional)
    ECLFR2KT (optional)
    ECLFRJPTW (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    ARCPOD36 (optional)
    ARCPOD21 (optional)
    ARCPOD8 (optional)
    ARCPAR18 (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    FLATCOB40 (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPACK7UTRI (optional)
    FLATCOB80UV (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPACK6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    ARCSHINE12 (optional)
    LUMI4UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX8H (optional)
    ARCPAR7 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UT (optional)
    QUADRO18UTRI (optional)
    SUNBLAST3500MAX (optional)
    SUNBLAST3000FC (optional)
    VISUALGOB (optional)
    AQUA (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTU (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSDY (optional)
    ARENACOB4FC (optional)
    ECLFRESNEL (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPFC2 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSFC (optional)
    LUMIPIX16H (optional)
    ECLJZIP (optional)
    ARENACOB4HALO (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPDY2 (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    STUDIOCOBUV (optional)
    STUDIOCOBDY (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    ECLPARFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBWW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBCW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBTU (optional)
    SMARTBATTENQ (optional)
    STUDIOCOBFC (optional)
    TABLEDW (optional)
    SUNRISE2IP (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    ECL (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QIP (optional)
    ECLPAR (optional)
    RA3000PROFILE (optional)
    ECLCYC050 (optional)
    ECLCYC100 (optional)
    MOSAICOJR (optional)
    TABLEDC (optional)
    MOSAICOXL (optional)
    LUMIPAR7IP (optional)
    SOLAR48Q (optional)
    LUMIPAR12IP (optional)
    ECLHD (optional)
    SMARTBAT (optional)
    SMARTBATIP (optional)
    SMARTBATHEX (optional)
    ECLHD2 (optional)
    ECLHDTWC (optional)
    ECLFC (optional)
    SOLAR27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD15Q (optional)
    ARCPOD96Q (optional)
    ARCPOD48Q (optional)
    ARCPOD27Q (optional)
    MOSAICO (optional)
    ECLPANELTWCJR (optional)
    ECLPANELTWC (optional)
    ECLDISPLAYUNFC (optional)
    ECLDISPLAYUN (optional)
    ECLDISPLAYDAT (optional)
    ECLDISPLAYDATFC (optional)
    Firmware uploader kit, USB IN, 3pin XLR DMX OUT, USB OUT


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    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
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    Fixture Libraries / DMX Charts

    BATSTRIP160 Firmware rev. 2.1
    manufacturer fixture libraryLink


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