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Immagine Principale
  • Universal USB-DMX interface compatible with all PROLIGHTS products for firmware updates.

    Connectors: USB IN, 5-pin XLR DMX OUT connector
    Cable lenght 190 cm
    Intuitive Software interface - compatible with Windows PC

    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual

    Data sheet & specs

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    User manual

    DMX chart & personalities

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    CAD symbols & drawings

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    Tech docs

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    Firmware update instructions

    1 Download the firmware (only the latest version is available - contact support@prolights.it for more info)

    2 Download the updater software UpBox_Tool 

    3 Follow the instructions in the following guide
    • Firmware updates require the UPBOXPRO compatible with all Prolights products
    • It's possible to use UPBOX1 and UPBOX2 *DISCONTINUED* checking the compatibility in the below tab
    • UpBox_Tool  software is compatible with all UPBOX interfaces
    • To update NET boards with .EHEX files a network cable and Professional Uploader software it's needed. It's possible to follow this guide
    Update Tool: {Upbox}
    Check hardware changelog before downloading firmware
    Revision Release date Firmware changelog HW Compatibility
    1.0.2 STABLE 12/01/2024 Improvements:
    • Improved Installer: add UpBoxPro drivers for seamless setup without needing an internet connection.
    • Graphical improvements regarding Force Update button display, navigation and general colors. Specifically:
      • It is possible to return to Home by pressing on the word "Home" when you are in the "Update With File" section.
      • Force Update button has been eliminated for devices that do not have a Force procedure.
      • Changed the color of the Force Update button from red to yellow.
    New installation procedure:
    • Follow the FTDI Drivers installation wizard after clicking on the executable.
    • Open the Upbox_Tool software (link automatically created on the Desktop).
    To successfully install UpBox_Tool, it is recommended to connect the interface only after completing the entire installation process.

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