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Immagine Principale
  • BEAMSPOT10 is a super PINSPOT designed to produce effects of light beams in the air, all within an extremely compact and versatile design. The light source consists of 1x10W CREE XML white LED in combination to special fresnel optics that focus the light beams in 5 ultra-concentrated and powerful than 2°. BEAMSPOT10 has become an indispensable tool for all lighting designers in the creation of dynamic scenes managed through mapping pixels or as an ultra powerful PINSPOT with a compact body that can be installed anywhere.

    10W CREE XML white LED
    Beam angle: 1.5°
    Control panel with LED display
    Sound mode: switch music via the internal microphone, sensitivity control
    IP rating: 20
    Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Wiring IN/OUT signal and power connections through XLR3p/VDE
    Average consumption: 10.5W
    Weight: 0.75 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 145x105x209 mm

    • Signal connection:
      XLR 3p IN/OUT connectors
    • Power connection:
      IEC IN/OUT connectors
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    BEAMSPOT10 (optional)
    SMARTBOOK (optional)
    DATAMASTER (optional)
    LUMIPAR7QTOUR (optional)
    POLAR3000 (optional)
    HALUSTRIP (optional)
    LUMIPAR18QTOUR (optional)
    PINSPOTD (optional)
    JETBEAM2 (optional)
    PIXROLL12TRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX15IP (optional)
    SUNRISE2L (optional)
    UVSTRIP18 (optional)
    UVPANEL18 (optional)
    6BEAMQ (optional)
    WDBOX (optional)
    ARTNETNODE (optional)
    SUNRISE4 (optional)
    SUNBAR2500MAX (optional)
    PIXBAR3E (optional)
    LUMI4COB (optional)
    ACCENT1Q (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QTOUR (optional)
    SUNRISE2 (optional)
    WIFIBOX (optional)
    SUNBAR2000FC (optional)
    PIXPAN9E (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3BAT (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3T (optional)
    PIXIEZOOM (optional)
    LUMIPIX6TRI (optional)
    BATSTRIP160 (optional)
    BATPAR180 (optional)
    PIXPAN16 (optional)
    CHROMAPIX (optional)
    HALUPIX (optional)
    POLAR1000 (optional)
    POLAR500 (optional)
    Z8STRIP (optional)
    Z7SPOT (optional)
    CHROMAROCK (optional)
    ECLIPSEFRESNELJ (optional)
    JETSPOT4Z (optional)
    RA2000PROFILE (optional)
    PIXIEWASHXB (optional)
    PIXIEZOOMXB (optional)
    HALUROCK (optional)
    TABLEDC (optional)
    SMARTTORCH (optional)
    SMARTDISK (optional)
    PIXIESPOT (optional)
    MINIVERSAPAR (optional)
    MINIECLFR (optional)
    JETSPOT1 (optional)
    ECLFR2K (optional)
    ECLFR2KTW (optional)
    MINIECLFRFC (optional)
    ARCPOINT1 (optional)
    ECLIPSEJR (optional)
    JETBEAM1 (optional)
    LION (optional)
    VERSAPAR (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBDY (optional)
    MOBIBLAST (optional)
    LUMIPAR7HPRO (optional)
    FLATPAR6H (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBFC (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBWW (optional)
    FLATPAR3Q (optional)
    FLATPAR3H (optional)
    SOLAR21 (optional)
    SUNBLAST3500MAX (optional)
    ARIA700SPOT (include)
    ARIA700PROFILE (optional)
    FLATCOB80 (optional)
    ECLIPSEFRESNEL (optional)
    SUNBLAST3000FC (optional)
    FLATCOB40 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPACK6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    FLATCOB80UV (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UH (optional)
    LUMIPACK7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UTRI (optional)
    AQUA (optional)
    VISUALGOB (optional)
    LUMI4UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX12Q (optional)
    ARCSHINE6 (optional)
    ARCSHINE12 (optional)
    ARCPAR18 (optional)
    ARCPOD8 (optional)
    ARCPOD21 (optional)
    ARCPOD36 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    POLAR700 (optional)
    QUADRO18UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UT (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQ (optional)
    ARCPAR7 (optional)
    ECLIPSEJZIP (optional)
    LUMIPIX8H (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSUV (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSDY (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTU (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSFC (optional)
    PIXIEWASH (optional)
    ECLPANELTWC800 (optional)
    ECLIPSEPARFC (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPIX16H (optional)
    ARENACOB4FC (optional)
    ARENACOB4HALO (optional)
    ECLIPSEHD2 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBDY (optional)
    STUDIOCOBTU (optional)
    STUDIOCOBWW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBFC (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    ECLIPSEHD (optional)
    ECLIPSEPAR (optional)
    STUDIOCOBCW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBUV (optional)
    RA3000PROFILE (optional)
    SMARTBATTENQ (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QIP (optional)
    ECLIPSE (optional)
    MOSAICOXL (optional)
    MOSAICOJR (optional)
    SOLAR48Q (optional)
    SMARTBATIP (optional)
    SMARTBATHEX (optional)
    SMARTBAT (optional)
    ECLIPSEHDTWC (optional)
    ECLIPSEFC (optional)
    SOLAR27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD48Q (optional)
    ARCPOD27Q (optional)
    MOSAICO (optional)
    Firmware uploader kit, USB IN, 3-pin XLR DMX OUT, USB OUT


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