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Immagine Principale
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
  • LD2408
    Code Length (mt) IN XLR (on drum) OUT XLR (on drum) OUT XLR (on cable) IN XLR (on cable) Avail.
    LD2408L30 30 24 (CAX300FP) 8 (CAX300MP) 24 (CAX300MV) 8 (CAX300FV)
    LD2408L45 45 24 (CAX300FP) 8 (CAX300MP) 24 (CAX300MV) 8 (CAX300FV)

    Direct stage box, 24 IN / 8 OUT XLR.

    Assembled with ACM400 multi-core cable, separately shielded and sheathed pairs.
    Numbered 3-poles XLR connectors.
    Body: highly resistant steel structure in black finish.
    Assembled on cable drum with wheels.
    Matte black finish.

    Accessory Code
    LD2408 (optional)
    LDST3208 (optional)
    LDST2408 (optional)
    LD3208 (optional)
    Flight case for LD/LDS series stage box, skate incl., (WxHxD) 710x610x520m


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