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Immagine Principale
  • SWIXPD28
  • SWIXPD28
  • SWIXPD28
  • SWIXPD28
    Code Model Input (pin) Output (pin) Conn. Avail.
    SWIXPD285R rack 2x 5p 8x 5p XLR
    SWIXPD283R rack 2x 3p 8x 3p XLR
    SWIXPD288R rack 2x RJ45 8x RJ45 RJ45
    SWIXPD285R8 rack 2x 5p 8x 3p XLR
    SWIXPD285R2 rack 2x 5p 6x 5p + 2x 3 XLR
    SWIXPD285R4 rack 2x 5p 4x 5p + 4x 3 XLR
    SWIXPD285R6 rack 2x 5p 2x 5p + 6x 3 XLR

    The Swisson XPD-28 series are reliable DMX and RDM splitters that process DMX and RDM signals with a high level of reliability for professional applications. The XPD-28 has a specially designed power supply which ensures safe operation even under harsh mains conditions. All ports are individually optically isolated and well protected against transient overvoltages.

    Different configurations available 
    Configuration with 5-pin XLR
    Configuration with 3-pin XLR
    Configuration with 8-pin RJ45 (EtherCON)
    Mixed configurations with 5-pin and 3-pin

    2 Inputs with 8 selectable outputs
    OLED display
    Metal button/potentiometer
    Amplifies/boosts DMX
    Splits and cleans DMX signal
    RDM protocol
    Synchronized DMX forwarding
    Enhanced DMX data regeneration
    Individual optical isolation on all ports
    Real-time DMX monitoring
    DMX framerate display
    DMX channel overview
    Signal activity and error LED
    Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Connections: powerCON IN/OUT (max 20A)
    Weight: 1,6 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 19"x 1unit x 138 mm

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