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Immagine Principale
  • WDBOX is a compact, easy-to-use wireless transceiver designed to create wireless DMX systems with a single universe. This technology allows the user to wirelessly control each DMX device, using two WDBOX units in transmitter-receiver mode, giving a clean installation and removing long cables. It comes with an 'auto' function which automatically finds the best frequency and syncs the units easily. Thanks to the built-in M10 and M12 threaded holes it can be mounted in suspension on the truss. WDBOX is also compatible with the transceiver WIFIUSB that allows the user to control compatible devices.

    Transmitter and receiver in a single compact unit
    Manual or automatic channel operating options
    16 channels dedicated to the manual mode
    Simple user interface with black OLED display and 5 buttons
    DMX512 protocol support
    DMX IN/OUT connectors: 3-pin XLR
    Operating frequency: 2,4 GHz
    Max unobstructed distance: 200 m
    Power supply (included): input 100 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz, output DC 9 V, 1000 mA
    Weight: 0,6 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 102x82x41 mm

    Accessory Code
    WDBOX (optional)
    SMARTBOOK (optional)
    LUMIPAR7IP (optional)
    DATAMASTER (optional)
    PINSPOTD (optional)
    PIXBAR3E (optional)
    LUMI4COB (optional)
    SUNRISE2 (optional)
    SUNRISE4 (optional)
    SUNBAR2500MAX (optional)
    SUNBAR2000FC (optional)
    POLAR3000 (optional)
    HALUSTRIP (optional)
    PIXROLL12TRI (optional)
    WIFIBOX (optional)
    ARTNETNODE (optional)
    UVSTRIP18 (optional)
    LUMIPAR7QTOUR (optional)
    JETBEAM2 (optional)
    LUMIPAR12IP (optional)
    SUNRISE2L (optional)
    LUMIPIX15IP (optional)
    ACCENT1Q (optional)
    UVPANEL18 (optional)
    6BEAMQ (optional)
    SMARTTORCH (optional)
    HALUPIX (optional)
    CHROMAPIX (optional)
    BATSTRIP160 (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3T (optional)
    LUMIPIX6TRI (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3BAT (optional)
    SMARTDISK (optional)
    POLAR1000 (optional)
    POLAR500 (optional)
    PIXIEWASH (optional)
    PIXPAN16 (optional)
    BATPAR180 (optional)
    PIXIEZOOM (optional)
    PIXIEWASHXB (optional)
    RA2000PROFILE (optional)
    Z7SPOT (optional)
    Z8STRIP (optional)
    HALUROCK (optional)
    CHROMAROCK (optional)
    JETSPOT4Z (optional)
    PIXIEZOOMXB (optional)
    MINIVERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLFRESNELPTW (optional)
    PIXIESPOT (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBWW (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBDY (optional)
    MINIECLFR (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBFC (optional)
    JETBEAM1 (optional)
    ECLJR (optional)
    ECLFR2KPTW (optional)
    ECLFRJPTW (optional)
    ECLFRESNELTW (optional)
    ECLFRJP (optional)
    VERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLJRG2 (optional)
    ARCPOINT1 (optional)
    JETSPOT1 (optional)
    FLATPAR3H (optional)
    LION (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJ (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJTW (optional)
    FLATPAR6H (optional)
    FLATPAR3Q (optional)
    LUMIPAR7HPRO (optional)
    MOBIBLAST (optional)
    ECLFR2K (optional)
    ECLFR2KTW (optional)
    MINIECLFRFC (optional)
    QUADRO18UTRI (optional)
    SUNBLAST3500MAX (optional)
    SOLAR21 (optional)
    ARIA700PROFILE (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQPRO (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSUV (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QTOUR (optional)
    ARIA700SPOT (optional)
    ECLFRESNEL (optional)
    SUNBLAST3000FC (optional)
    LUMIPAR6UQ (optional)
    ARCPOD36 (optional)
    POLAR700 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    FLATCOB40 (optional)
    FLATCOB80 (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UH (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPACK7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UTRI (optional)
    FLATCOB80UV (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    LUMIPACK6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    ARCPOD21 (optional)
    ARCPAR18 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UT (optional)
    LUMIPAR7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX8H (optional)
    ARCPAR7 (optional)
    AQUA (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQ (optional)
    VISUALGOB (optional)
    LUMI4UTRI (optional)
    ARCPOD8 (optional)
    ARCSHINE6 (optional)
    ARCSHINE12 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSDY (optional)
    ECLJZIP (optional)
    ARENACOB4FC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTW (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    LUMIPIX16H (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSFC (optional)
    ARENACOB4HALO (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTU (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPDY2 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBUV (optional)
    TABLEDW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBWW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBCW (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    SMARTBATTENQ (optional)
    STUDIOCOBDY (optional)
    ECLPARFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBTU (optional)
    RA3000PROFILE (optional)
    ECL (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QIP (optional)
    ECLPAR (optional)
    TABLEDC (optional)
    MOSAICOJR (optional)
    MOSAICOXL (optional)
    SOLAR48Q (optional)
    ECLHD (optional)
    ECLHD2 (optional)
    SMARTBATHEX (optional)
    SMARTBAT (optional)
    SMARTBATIP (optional)
    ECLPANELTWC (optional)
    ECLFC (optional)
    ECLHDTWC (optional)
    SOLAR27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD48Q (optional)
    MOSAICO (optional)
    Firmware uploader kit, USB IN, 3-pin XLR DMX OUT, USB OUT


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