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Immagine Principale
  • WIFIBOX is a new-generation light control system, designed to provide an easy and versatile platform for LED projectors. The signal transmission is managed both wired and wirelessly (through Wi-Fi), both input and output, even allowing to control the fixtures through the SmartColors app, available for IOS and Android devices.

    Transmitter and receiver (Wi-Fi) in a single compact unit
    Wi-Fi connection for fixtures control through the SmartColors app
    Manual or automatic channel operating options
    16 channels dedicated to the manual mode
    Simple user interface with black OLED display and 5 buttons
    DMX512 protocol and WIFI connection through mobile phone or tablet supported
    DMX IN/OUT connectors: 3-pin XLR
    Operating frequency: 2,4 GHz
    Max unobstructed distance: 200 m
    Power supply (included): input 100 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz, output DC 9 V, 1000 mA
    Weight: 0,6 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 102x82x41 mm

    Accessory Code
    WIFIBOX (optional)
    SMARTBOOK (optional)
    LUMIPAR7IP (optional)
    DATAMASTER (optional)
    PINSPOTD (optional)
    PIXBAR3E (optional)
    LUMI4COB (optional)
    SUNRISE2 (optional)
    SUNRISE4 (optional)
    SUNBAR2500MAX (optional)
    SUNBAR2000FC (optional)
    POLAR3000 (optional)
    HALUSTRIP (optional)
    PIXROLL12TRI (optional)
    ARTNETNODE (optional)
    UVSTRIP18 (optional)
    LUMIPAR7QTOUR (optional)
    JETBEAM2 (optional)
    WDBOX (optional)
    SUNRISE2L (optional)
    LUMIPAR12IP (optional)
    LUMIPIX15IP (optional)
    ACCENT1Q (optional)
    UVPANEL18 (optional)
    6BEAMQ (optional)
    SMARTTORCH (optional)
    HALUPIX (optional)
    CHROMAPIX (optional)
    BATSTRIP160 (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3T (optional)
    LUMIPIX6TRI (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3BAT (optional)
    SMARTDISK (optional)
    POLAR1000 (optional)
    POLAR500 (optional)
    PIXIEWASH (optional)
    PIXPAN16 (optional)
    BATPAR180 (optional)
    PIXIEZOOM (optional)
    JETSPOT4Z (optional)
    RA2000PROFILE (optional)
    PIXIEWASHXB (optional)
    PIXIEZOOMXB (optional)
    Z7SPOT (optional)
    Z8STRIP (optional)
    HALUROCK (optional)
    CHROMAROCK (optional)
    MINIVERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLFRESNELPTW (optional)
    PIXIESPOT (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBWW (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBDY (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBFC (optional)
    ARCPOINT1 (optional)
    JETBEAM1 (optional)
    ECLJR (optional)
    ECLFR2KPTW (optional)
    ECLFRESNELTW (optional)
    ECLFRJPTW (optional)
    VERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLFRJP (optional)
    ECLJRG2 (optional)
    JETSPOT1 (optional)
    FLATPAR6H (optional)
    LION (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJ (optional)
    FLATPAR3H (optional)
    ECLFRESNELJTW (optional)
    LUMIPAR7HPRO (optional)
    ECLFR2K (optional)
    ECLFR2KTW (optional)
    MINIECLFRFC (optional)
    FLATPAR3Q (optional)
    MOBIBLAST (optional)
    MINIECLFR (optional)
    SUNBLAST3500MAX (optional)
    QUADRO18UTRI (optional)
    SOLAR21 (optional)
    ARIA700PROFILE (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSUV (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQPRO (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QTOUR (optional)
    ARIA700SPOT (optional)
    ECLFRESNEL (optional)
    SUNBLAST3000FC (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    FLATCOB80 (optional)
    FLATCOB40 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    POLAR700 (optional)
    ARCPOD36 (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPACK7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UH (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPACK6UQ (optional)
    FLATCOB80UV (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UTRI (optional)
    ARCPOD21 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UT (optional)
    LUMIPAR7UTRI (optional)
    AQUA (optional)
    VISUALGOB (optional)
    LUMIPIX8H (optional)
    ARCPAR7 (optional)
    ARCPOD8 (optional)
    LUMI4UTRI (optional)
    ARCPAR18 (optional)
    ARCSHINE6 (optional)
    ARCSHINE12 (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQ (optional)
    ECLJZIP (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSDY (optional)
    ARENACOB4HALO (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTW (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPDY2 (optional)
    ARENACOB4FC (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSFC (optional)
    LUMIPIX16H (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTU (optional)
    ECLCYC050 (optional)
    TABLEDW (optional)
    SMARTBATTENQ (optional)
    ECLCYC100 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBCW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBTU (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    ECLPARFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBUV (optional)
    STUDIOCOBFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBDY (optional)
    STUDIOCOBWW (optional)
    RA3000PROFILE (optional)
    ECL (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QIP (optional)
    ECLPAR (optional)
    MOSAICOJR (optional)
    TABLEDC (optional)
    MOSAICOXL (optional)
    SOLAR48Q (optional)
    SMARTBAT (optional)
    ECLHD2 (optional)
    SMARTBATHEX (optional)
    SMARTBATIP (optional)
    ECLPANELTWC (optional)
    ECLHD (optional)
    ECLHDTWC (optional)
    ECLFC (optional)
    SOLAR27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD48Q (optional)
    MOSAICO (optional)
    Firmware uploader kit, USB IN, 3pin XLR DMX OUT, USB OUT


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