NovaWorld Tour Italy 2017- Simply Magnificent!

24 October 2017
The fifth stop of the European NovaWorld Tour 2017 has just ended, hosted exclusively for Italy at the new Music & Lights showroom. 
Over 800 square meters, located in the heart of the new ML headquarter, a technologic arena that featuring all the latest A.V.L. industry innovations, have been the scene of a presentation which registered a record turnout in the palmares of the Novastar events worldwide.
We'd like to thank our clients and partners who came to us from all over Italy to make this event even more special and successful.
Mrs Evelyn from the Novastar Europe Sales team commented: “It’s been the first time that Novastar, in collaboration with our partner Music & Lights, has held a launch event in Italy. We’d like to express our thankfulness to all the participants and let them know that we really appreciated it. 
At the same time, we'd like to thank our professional partner Music & Lights. It was a great pleasure to work with you together for this event! We were able to enjoy a fantastic location, during the video and lights demo show, and later with a wonderful outdoor dinner party in a beautiful green area which is part of the new headquarter."
During the presentation, Mr Angus, Novastar Business Relation Manager, showed us the latest 4K solutions, the advanced technology of the 18 bit + and Clearview, and the new Low Latency system. Mr Stean introduced us into the world of the Smart LCT (freeware link) software, the powerful platform, born in response to many of the most common questions that are being generated today and R5 master controller. Few demo stations  for SmartLCTR5A8S4K and Low Latency, have been made available in the showroom to allow the guests to test the new solutions during the breaks. 
Fabio Sorabella, the product manager for Music & Lights, says: "We have been delighted  to have hosted this event in our new showroom. Novastar has always shown great sensitivity to every feedback received from the field, working to make life easier for technicians and manufacturers. During the event, they presented  the development plans for the future, short, medium and long-term technological innovations, answering to concrete questions about the current and future needs required from today stage scenerys.  The relationship with Novastar is based on a common aim: our companies work and invests looking closely into the future to provide solutions that will meet the needs of the continuous market’s evolution. "

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