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  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • ARCLED7337VW
  • Code Connections IP rate Avail.
    ARCLED7337VWTZ Neutrik IP54
    ARCLED7337VW is a LED projector in Variable White version conceived for a linear reproduction of the entire range of white variants.
    The light source is composed by 37x3W WarmWhite and ColdWhite LEDs granting a precise white temperature adjustment, for a gradual passage between warm and cold tones by keeping a high luminous efficiency all over the white range.
    ARCLED7337VW features the new 8°-40° fast zoom technology allowing to change the projection angle between a narrow tight spot and a soft flood diffusion, making this fixture an outstanding versatile tool for all white-light projects.
    ARCLED7337VW is built in a compact and stylish aluminium waterproof case (IP67) allowing a natural convection cooling system for totally silent performance and even outdoor lighting projects.
    This compact-size luminaire is the ideal choice to replace traditional halogen luminaires in theatres, live, architectural, TV studios and showrooms, reducing energy consumption and allowing a full temperature control.
    Light source and optics
    • 37 x 3W high-efficiency CREE Variable White LEDs (30 WarmWhite, 7 ColdWhite)
    • Lumens: 2280
    • Lux: 3300@5m
    • Energy-saving LEDs employed, with more vivid colours and lower power consumption than traditional lamps
    • Colour synthesis: Variable White for a full white temperature control
    • White temperature presets: 3200K~10000K
    • Beam angle: 8°-40° Zoom
    • Electronic linear zoom with motorized and scrolling lens panel
    • LEDs average life span: >50'000 h

    Electronics and features
    • Several DMX selectable configurations (1,3, 4 channels) for advanced or basic controlling
    1 channel: Master dimmer
    3 channels: dimmer, Warm+Cold White, Zoom
    4 channels: dimmer, WarmWhite, ColdWhite, Zoom
    • LED display user interface for auto programs execution, static colour mode, creation of custom shows, colour calibration presets
    • 5 different dimming available curves 
    • Master/Slave mode for stand-alone operations
    • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
    • Flicker-free operations (400Hz)
    • Silent operations, due to natural convection cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans

    Structure and Power supply
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
    • Frontal tempered glass panel
    • Internal Protection: IP67 (IP) - IP54 (TZ)
    • Pressure and temperature balance through GORE membrane vents
    • Power (shuko) and data (xlr-3p) adapter cables included
    • Double hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and for floor positioning
    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Working temperatures: -40/45°
    • Power output to link more units in a chain: up to 12 fixtures at 220V
    • Max power consumption: 100 W
    • Weight: 6,5 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 248x203x311 mm
    Accessory Code
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    End of life
    Flight case for 8 pcs of ARCLED7337ZOOM, dimensions: 960x525x515 mm
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    *Adjustable barndoor for ARCLED7337ZOOM
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    End of life
    Round barndoor for spot-like effect, for Arcled7337Zoom
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    *5° flood filter for Arcled7337Zoom
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    ARCLED8107HD (optional)
    ARCLED3109PIX (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    ARCLED7307HD (optional)
    ARCLED3404 (optional)
    IP67 DMX extension cable, comp. with outdoor (IP) ARCLED projectors
    ARCLED7337VW (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    ARCLED3109PIX (optional)
    ARCLED3404 (optional)
    ARCLED7307HD (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    IP67 power extension cable, compatible with outdoor (IP) ARCLED projectors
    ARCLED7337VW (include)
    ARCLED8107HD (optional)
    ARCLED7307HD (include)
    ARCLED3404 (include)
    CROMOWASH601 (include)
    CROMOSPOT400 (include)
    CROMOSPOT300 (include)
    FY400S (optional)
    SPIDER (optional)
    FY400B (optional)
    ARCLED338PIX (include)
    LUXOR (optional)
    CROMOWASH600 (optional)
    PRIME (optional)
    EVO392FL (include)
    EVO190EFC (optional)
    *Steel security cable for hanging bodies - inox steel shackle - 60 cm L.


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