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Immagine Principale
  • LUMIPAR18TRI is a super-slim ParLED equipped with 18 x 3W high-power RGB/FullColor LED. Its super-slim and fan-free design makes LUMIPAR18TRI a multipurpose fixture, ideal to replace the traditional Parcans offering more versatility, easy setup and less carrying volume.
    Light source and optics
    • 18x3W RGB/FullColor high-power LED 
    • Beam angle: 21°
    • Field angle: 42°
    • Color synthesis: RGB/FullColor color mixing (>16 million colors) for a limitless color range
    • LEDs average life span: > 50.000 hours

    Electronics and features
    • User panel through 4Char LED display
    • Several DMX selectable configurations (3, 4, 9 channels) for advanced or basic controlling
    3 channels: RGB
    4 channels: Dimmer, RGB
    9 channels: RGB, macro, strobe, auto programs, programs speed, dimmer
    • Auto mode: 5 built-in programs with execution speed adjustment
    • Static color mode: selection of static color
    • Master/Slave mode: for synchronized operation of more units linked in a chain
    • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
    • Flicker free operations (400Hz)

    Structure and power supply
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
    • Internal protection: IP54
    • Silent operations, due to natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
    • Double hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and for floor positioning
    • Filter frame included
    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Average power consumption: 60W (up to 9 fixtures power output)
    • Weight: 2,9 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 255x198x240 mm
    Product Code
    Accessory Code
    LUMIPAR18TRI (optional)
    SUNPIX24TRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UH (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    Flight case for 8pcs of LUMIPAR12UQPRO/12UH/12UAW/12UQ/SUNPIX24
    LUMIPAR18TRI (optional)
    Nylon bag for 4 LUMIPAR TRI - Q, 5(int)-2(ext) compartments, dim.385x290x220b mm
    LUMIPAR18TRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR7IP (optional)
    SMARTBOOK (optional)
    DATAMASTER (optional)
    HALUSTRIP (optional)
    LUMIPIX15IP (optional)
    WDBOX (optional)
    PIXBAR3E (optional)
    SUNRISE2L (optional)
    SUNRISE2 (optional)
    UVSTRIP18 (optional)
    ARTNETNODE (optional)
    PIXROLL12TRI (optional)
    6BEAMQ (optional)
    ACCENT1Q (optional)
    UVPANEL18 (optional)
    SUNRISE4 (optional)
    LUMIPAR7QTOUR (optional)
    JETBEAM2 (optional)
    SUNBAR2500MAX (optional)
    POLAR3000 (optional)
    WIFIBOX (optional)
    LUMIPAR12IP (optional)
    PINSPOTD (optional)
    LUMI4COB (optional)
    SUNBAR2000FC (optional)
    PIXIEZOOM (optional)
    BATPAR180 (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3BAT (optional)
    POLAR500 (optional)
    POLAR1000 (optional)
    HALUPIX (optional)
    LUMIPIX6TRI (optional)
    HALUROCK (optional)
    CHROMAPIX (optional)
    CHROMAROCK (optional)
    PIXIEZOOMXB (optional)
    Z8STRIP (optional)
    JETSPOT4Z (optional)
    TRUSSPOD3T (optional)
    RA2000PROFILE (optional)
    PIXIEWASHXB (optional)
    BATSTRIP160 (optional)
    SMARTDISK (optional)
    SMARTTORCH (optional)
    PIXPAN16 (optional)
    Z7SPOT (optional)
    ECLIPSEFRESNELJ (optional)
    PIXIESPOT (optional)
    MINIVERSAPAR (optional)
    ECLFR2KTW (optional)
    ECLFR2K (optional)
    MINIECLFR (optional)
    JETBEAM1 (optional)
    JETSPOT1 (optional)
    ECLIPSEJR (optional)
    MINIECLFRFC (optional)
    ARCPOINT1 (optional)
    ECLJRG2 (optional)
    MOBIBLAST (optional)
    VERSAPAR (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBFC (optional)
    FLATPAR6H (optional)
    LUMIPAR7HPRO (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBWW (optional)
    FLATPAR3Q (optional)
    FLATPAR3H (optional)
    LION (optional)
    DISPLAYCOBDY (optional)
    ECLIPSEFRESNEL (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQPRO (optional)
    FLATCOB80 (optional)
    FLATCOB40 (optional)
    ARIA700SPOT (include)
    ARIA700PROFILE (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UQ (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UH (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UAW (optional)
    LUMIPAR6UQ (optional)
    LUMIPACK6UQ (optional)
    FLATCOB80UV (optional)
    LUMIPACK12UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPACK7UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPAR12HPRO (optional)
    LUMIPIX12TRIIP (optional)
    LUMIPAR18VWPRO (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QTOUR (optional)
    AQUA (optional)
    SUNBLAST3000FC (optional)
    PIXIEWASH (optional)
    VISUALGOB (optional)
    LUMI4UTRI (optional)
    ARCSHINE6 (optional)
    ARCSHINE12 (optional)
    ARCPAR18 (optional)
    ARCPOD8 (optional)
    ARCPOD21 (optional)
    ARCPOD36 (optional)
    POLAR700 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSTU (optional)
    SUNBLAST3500MAX (optional)
    SOLAR21 (optional)
    QUADRO18UTRI (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UT (optional)
    LUMIPIX12UQ (optional)
    ARCPAR7 (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSUV (optional)
    LUMIPIX8H (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UTRI (optional)
    STUDIOCOBPLUSDY (optional)
    LUMIPIX12Q (optional)
    ECLIPSEJZIP (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQPRO (optional)
    LUMIPAR12UQ (optional)
    ARENACOB4HALO (optional)
    LUMIPIX16H (optional)
    ARENACOB4FC (optional)
    SOLAR (optional)
    STUDIOCOBDY (optional)
    ECLIPSEPARFC (optional)
    STUDIOCOBUV (optional)
    STUDIOCOBCW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBWW (optional)
    STUDIOCOBFC (optional)
    TABLEDW (optional)
    SMARTBATTENQ (optional)
    STUDIOCOBTU (optional)
    LUMIPIX12QIP (optional)
    ECLIPSE (optional)
    ECLIPSEPAR (optional)
    RA3000PROFILE (optional)
    TABLEDC (optional)
    MOSAICOXL (optional)
    MOSAICOJR (optional)
    SOLAR48Q (optional)
    ECLIPSEHD (optional)
    SMARTBAT (optional)
    ECLIPSEHD2 (optional)
    ECLPANELTWC (optional)
    SMARTBATIP (optional)
    SMARTBATHEX (optional)
    ECLIPSEHDTWC (optional)
    ECLIPSEFC (optional)
    SOLAR27Q (optional)
    ARCPOD48Q (optional)
    ARCPOD27Q (optional)
    MOSAICO (optional)
    Firmware uploader kit, USB IN, 3-pin XLR DMX OUT, USB OUT


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    #0Not available

    Fixture Libraries / DMX Charts

    Download dmx charts
    Firmware rev. 2.1
    AVOLITES Titan
    manufacturer fixture libraryLink
    prolight_lumipar18tri_3ch.hed Download
    prolight_lumipar18tri_4ch.hed Download
    prolight_lumipar18tri_9ch.hed Download
    manufacturer fixture libraryLink
    lumipar18tri_3ch.ssl Download
    lumipar18tri_4ch.ssl Download
    lumipar18tri_9ch.ssl Download
    MARTIN M-Series
    manufacturer fixture libraryLink


    Software Upgrades

    User Manuals

    Italian/English manual